What the heck is a landing page...
and how will enhance my marketing performance?
Back in our June newsletter, we talked about how to get the most out of your online ads. Let’s dive a little deeper into landing pages.
We’ve all been there.... pay the money, create an ad, send it to an outlet (like PM News, PodiatryToday, or our personal favorite, PodiatryMeetings.com), include your website link, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Sometimes we get click reports that tell us how many times someone clicked our ad, but often we never really obtain strong lead information to follow up on. Creating landing pages is how you take back that control.


A landing page is a basic web page designed to promote or sell a product. When someone sees your ad and clicks on it, they should be directed to a specific landing page - not your company's homepage.

Think of it as going to the mall if you're looking to buy shoes. When you get to the mall, you see sooooo many stores to choose from and you may get distracted from going straight to the shoe store. Instead, you go to the food court first and end up eating way too much and spending money you didn't want to!!

When you make someone click on an ad and it goes to your homepage, you've sent them to the front store of your mall - instead of sending them directly where they want and expect to go. This causes problems because they may get distracted and then never convert
(i.e. purchase or complete a contact form for further communication).

The best landing pages are simple; not overwhelming. They state a clear offer at the top (the “carrot”), with a simple contact form to capture their information. The rest of the page offers more information about the product or service (one featured product or service, not your entire catalog) including images, benefits, testimonials, pricing and a call to action.

The first part of your landing page includes an offer. This offer is something that provides value to the visitor. It can be a discount code, e-book, template, tutorial, how-to guide, or anything else your ideal customer needs to help solve their problem.

For our industry, this could include a brief guide to billing and coding, a coupon, free sample, free product demo in office… get creative! In exchange for the item (the freebie), the potential customer must enter their name and email address in a contact form. After they hit “submit”, the freebie is delivered to their inbox immediately.

Here are a couple tips:

  • Keep the contact form very simple. You really only need name and email address. A good salesperson with proper follow up can collect the rest of the information.

  • Automate this process by connecting your landing page, website and email service provider. You can find tutorials on how to do this online, or just ask us!

The 5 elements your landing page should incorporate are:

  1. A simple, clear, concise headline that recognizes a common problem they deal with.
  2. A brief description of your product or service and how it solves their problem.
  3. Top-notch graphics and images. This can include videos, graphs, illustrations, or product images.
  4. Testimonials – but don’t overwhelm the page with praise. Make it a rotating slide of positive reviews and testimonials.
  5. Pricing information and a call to action. Some people feel uncomfortable publishing their pricing for all to see. I say, if you believe in what you are offering and you have priced it fairly, put it out there loud and proud. If you don’t publish your pricing, your page visitor might see that as an obstacle, or another step and decide it’s not worth their time to find out more. A call to action (aka CTA) is the final piece that prompts your customer to spend their money. Make it bold, make it beautiful, make it clear. Use assertive verbiage. For example, “Buy Now”, “Join us Now”, “Schedule Today”…

To get inspired, do a quick google search for “landing page” and start to look at templates or images to get an idea of what it looks like when it all comes together.
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