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212 Medical Center Chaska
Laketown Electric was proud to work with Mortenson Construction, RJM Construction, and DDK Construction on Ridgeview's newest addition, the 212 Medical Building in Chaska, MN.  Medical facilities are our specialty at LEC and we are proud that we completed eight spaces and seven clinics at the most significant new medical project completed in the Twin Cities in the last year.  This project offered the kind of challenges and engineering capabilities that excite our staff and crews and we look forward to doing more projects with Ridgeview and these general contractors in the near future.  To see additional pictures of our work at the 212 building, click here.
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Awarded Project 
northfield hospital
Laketown Electric was recently awarded the electrical for the Northfield Hospital expansion set to break ground this July. RJM Construction will be the construction manager on this project.  Photos and updates will be included in our next newsletter. 

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We thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  Our goal of this publication is to highlight the projects the LEC has recently completed, while giving you up-to-date industry information and trends that you can use in your next project design.  We hope to work with you in the near future and thank you for your continued support. 




Matt Bergmann

Laketown Electric Corporation




LEC is now an exclusive installer of Big Ass Fans in MN!
Big Ass Fans Industrial

They're big, they're bold, and best of all, they may be the air movement solution that your current or next facility will need.  LEC is now the only electrical contractor in the Twin Cities Metro area that is certified to be an installer of BAF.   


LEC sent our employees to a training seminar at BAF's headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky to learn more about their company as well as learn how to install these fans in industrial, agricultural and commercial applications.  What we found was impressive.  These fans, ranging in diameter from eight to 24 feet, draw little energy, are whisper quiet, and can keep your facility's air quality safer, while lowering heating and cooling costs.  They are versatile too, with many different models available as well as applications.  Their use can range from being the architectural centerpiece of a contemporary dining area, to replacing bulky, inefficient contained fans in larger applications.          


If you'd like to learn more, please send us an email, or to learn more about BAF's product line, click here.   

Electrical Considerations for Design-Build Projects


The design/build method is becoming increasingly popular for general contractors and just as importantly for electrical and mechanical subcontractors.  Design-build projects make up for 75% of all of Laketown Electric's projects.  It is attractive to owners and contractors for a number of reasons.  Below we highlight how electrical design-build contractors can help you come up with a better constructed, more cost effective solution for all parties involved.   

  1. Singular Responsibility - Since a single entity is responsible for both design and construction, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule adherence. This improves risk management for the project. The design/build contractor is expected to produce an end product that fulfills aesthetic and functional objectives, and also meets budget and schedule constraints.
  2. Quality - With the traditional "competitive bid" process, there is pressure to be the lowest bidder to secure the contract. Workmanship can slip, and corners are cut so that the low bidder can find a way to make a reasonable profit. With design/build, the contractor warrants to the owner that the design documents are complete and virtually free from error.  Change orders are nearly non-existent and the likelyhood for future changes is almost eliminated.   
  3. Cost Savings - When a design/build contractor is designing, he does so with the final product in mind. He is familiar with the specific materials needed, and the labor costs involved with installing them. Keeping in mind techniques, methods, code issues, and potential shortcuts can add tremendous value to the project. Design/build also allows the owner to get early and accurate pricing information. Large change order costs are not an issue, since a guaranteed maximum price can be determined early on in the design phase.
  4. Time Savings - This is one of the main attractions of the design/build approach to owners. Because design and construction are overlapped, total project time can be significantly reduced. Design/build is ideal for "fast track" projects. The resulting time savings translates into lower costs and earlier utilization of the completed facility.
  5. Reduced Administrative Burden - The owner is not required to invest time and money coordinating and arbitrating between designer and builder. Rather, he is able to focus on timely decision making.
Thank you for reading our newsletter, we hope you found it useful.  We are always looking for additional people to work with, and would appreciate the opportunity to bid your next project.  Thanks for your consideration, have a great month! 




Matt Bergmann
Laketown Electric Corporation