July 3, 2015

Courtesy of the
US Department of Labor

The Department of Labor released a proposed rule yesterday that could require businesses to pay overtime to workers who earn a regular salary of less than $921 per week, or $47,892 annually. Workers who make more than $455 or $23,660 annually are currently exempt from some of current law's minimum wage and overtime protections. The Department is currently accepting public comment on the proposed regulation.  (Read more)





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In a recent blog article from Presidio, a MACo Bronze Partner, the promise of hybrid cloud delivery is discussed. While every company is unique, they all share the commonality of this never-ending balancing act for their IT delivery service model: preparing for fast growth, remaining mindful of impending change and protecting company assets.

The relevance of cloud solutions in balancing these priorities has soared, and having a flexible environment is essential. The consensus is out and hybrid cloud is the desired best case model for most organizations. Presidio Managed Cloud was built to help you simplify the complex cloud environment, while creating  optimal visibility and protection. (Read more


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