Steubenville High School
Alumni Spotlight
Special Edition
Monday, September 3, 2018

We are the Pride, We are the Tradition,
We are BIG RED!
A Respectful
Labor Day
Labor Day- a day set aside to recognize the contributions of the workers to the prosperity and well being of our country. We have been celebrating this day as a national holiday since 1894 and I think it is sometimes easy to forget why. There are many professions who keep essential services running and whose job it is to help keep us safe. To you this may feel like a great 3 day holiday weekend to honor the American Laborer. But as you are preparing your cookouts, fireworks and parades, please remember many of the laborers you are honoring are at work right now. Firefighters work every day to protect people and property from fire.

Today, we honor our Big Red Firefighters! I believe they certainly deserve to be honored, and not just on this day but every day for the great service they provide to our community! Thank you to ALL of our local firefighters! I would like to offer my sincere thanks and praise for the wonderful job they do!

From Left to right: Thomas Burchfield, Terrence Cooper, Terry Thompson, Chris Takach, Chris Blackburn, Robert Moore & not pictured: David Fortunato
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our entire community! We thank you for keeping us safe!
Big Red Nation is so proud!
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