LWV OPRF September 28 Week in Preview
October Second Tuesday
Second Tuesday Forums is virtually returning on October 13, 9:30 - 11:00am, to present "Keep Calm and Vote! Exercising Your Right to Vote in 2020." Join us to hear our own Peggy Kell on safe voting practices, ask your questions about the 2020 election, and more. The flyer is here; to attend, sign up here.
Fall Kick-off Video
If you missed the September 16 Fall Kickoff Event, Reimagining Community Policing: Constructive Community Solutions, you can now watch the edited video that is posted on YouTube! To view it, click this link.
Election Information
1.Here is a list of Cook County Drop Box locations for your Vote By Mail ballot. This list may be updated in the coming days.
2.Do you need a ride to the polls on November 3, Election Day? Lyft is giving discount rides to voters who want to vote or drop off their mail ballots. Use the code VOTE2020 to get the discount.
3.Would you be interested in working as a Mail Ballot Election Day Judge? The Election Operations Center in Cicero will be the location where this counting will take place. Details about responsibilities are coming in. Send Peggy Kell your name if you are interested in working.
4.LWV Tallahassee is selling some voting t-shirts. They come with two designs and the price is $19.99. Go here to see the designs and purchase a shirt.
Want to learn more about the women who worked to win the right for women to vote? Our Board Secretary, Mary Ann Porucznik, is writing articles for the Wednesday Journal highlighting a worthy foremother and her work to get us the vote. Dr. Julia Smith Jones was highlighted in the September 23 edition. Read her story here.
This year Mothers and Others For Peace had hoped to focus on the value of peace circles as a tool to promote healing through deep conversation. We were impressed with the work of Stephen Jackson, Manager of Teen Services at the Oak Park Public Library, and the circles he had created to connect with teens there. We planned a Peace Circle workshop that we hoped might inspire parents, schools, and neighbors to initiate respectful conversations. But plans, like so many others, are on hold until we can meet in person again. Until then, please check out the virtual Restorative Justice Conference at the Oak Park Public Library, being held throughout the month of October, with an online kickoff on October 2. The online conference, The Medicine Wheel: Balancing Humanity, is inspired by the way "indigenous cultures used this method to heal any dis-ease in the community," says Jackson. Workshops will focus on different aspects of life each week: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. "This year's conference is about ways people can support themselves and others, find balance, and find tools to connect," Jackson says. "Connection is something so many of us need right now." For more information visit OPPL website here.
Sister, Sister
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