LWV OPRF September 21 Week in Preview
Criminal Justice Update
On the eve of Rosh Hashanah we lost Ruth Bader Ginsberg, champion of justice and women's rights. We mourn her and honor her legacy by continuing the fight for justice and equality for all Americans. One way that we can do this is by updating our outdated positions on criminal justice so that we can support progressive legislation in Illinois. Our Criminal Justice Committee of seven will be discussing the second segment of the Consensus Questions, "Bias in the Criminal Justice System." (There is no current position on this topic.) Statistics tell us that percentage-wise, there are many more black and brown people involved in the Criminal Court system than white people; is that a discrepancy that needs to be addressed? The Consensus Question is:
Should there be periodic training for individuals working in the criminal justice system to recognize implicit racial and ethnic bias in order to more adequately work toward the goal of equal treatment under the law?
Please read question #2, including the links to related research materials in order to help you decide to vote YES or NO. Considering these questions one at a time will allow for a step by step approach to the study. You can access the entire document of consensus questions here.
October Second Tuesday
Save the Date! Second Tuesday Forums will be virtually returning on October 13, 9:30 - 11:00am. Join us to hear our own Peggy Kell on safe voting practices, ask your questions about the 2020 election, and more. A sign-up sheet will appear in the next WIP.
Fall Kick-off
If you missed the September 16 Fall Kickoff Event, Reimagining Community Policing: Constructive Community Solutions, you can watch the video with this link. (The video starts about 2 minutes into the program; an edited version is in preparation). Over 70 people heard LaDon Reynolds, Chief, Oak Park Police; Sharon Welch, League of Women Voters Chicago; Colleen Sutkus, Sarah's Inn, Forest Park; Christian Harris, Business Owner and Directory, Oak Park Library Board; and Anita Pindiur, Way Back Inn/Grateful House, Maywood, discuss this important and timely topic. Thanks to Judith McDevitt, Julianne Bonwit, Suzanne Davis, Jane Hastings, and Beverly Graham for organizing this important evening.
An excellent documentary film about voter suppression is now available to see free online. "Rigged:The Voter Suppression Playbook" is narrated by actor Jeffrey Wright. The film notes that, since 2016, over 30 states have introduced bills to restrict voter registration and voting in general. See is now here.
Sister, Sister
LWV Cook County September Update
LWV IL September Update