LWV OPRF October 25 Week in Preview
Donut Wrap-up
Many thanks to the League members and friends who happily joined Joan Petertil and volunteered their time to make and serve donuts and coffee at the Farmers Market on October 23rd in partnership with the Kiwanis Club.  They are in order of shift time:  Jane and John Hastings, Russ Sorber, Pauline Koch, Mary Cay Murray, Elizabeth Lippitt, Jeff Petertil, Beverly Graham, Suzanne Poisl, Marsha Borders, Linda Valentine, Leslie Lauderdale, Marilyn Thomas, Kathy Balk, Mary Pat Bakker, Candace Enockson, Tara Joyce, Suzanne Davis, Mary Ann Porucznik, and Eleanor Long.  It was a crisp and cool day but we ended up selling all the donuts made.  Look for an update in the weeks ahead for amount earned. Great job everybody!
Goodman Theatre Fundraiser
FANNIE, opened on the Owen Stage at the Goodman Theater on October 15. It is the perfect play for the League! Fannie Hamer, who was a voting rights activist in Mississippi in the Civil Rights Era, risked her life for her beliefs and fought for the right of Black voters to exercise their franchise. The event will be a fundraiser for our League. We chose a Sunday matinee on November 14 at 2:00pm. The tickets are selling at a reduced rate of $30 and then we are asking members to contribute an additional $20 to the League, for a total cost of $50. Deadline for registering is November 1Go here to buy tickets. Non-members are welcome, so invite friends and family. Audience members will be required to show vaccination cards and wear a mask during the performance. You can read more about Fannie Lou Hamer here.
Guns: They're Killing Us
Recent headlines tell the story: 23 Shot, 3 Fatal; 20 Wounded, 4 People Killed; 9 Killed, 58 Wounded; 6 Killed, 56 Wounded. Please join us for a discussion on the important topic of Gun Violence Prevention with LWV Issues Specialist Jim McGrath when the Second Tuesday Forums for 2021-22 kicks-off at 9:30am on Tuesday, November 9. The event will be held via Zoom and sign-up is here. This is a free event open to the community.
Feminist Four
Whatever their religion, women have been both faith leaders and feminists for centuries. Antoinette Brown Blackwell (1825-1921) became the first American woman to be ordained as a Protestant minister. Hear more about her religious and suffragette journey here. Ray Frank-Litman (1861-1948) was the first woman to officially preach from a synagogue pulpit in the US. Read more about her life here. Born Joyce Adele Pettingil to a Baptist family, Karuna Dharma (1940-2014) was the first American woman to become a bhikkhuni (a Buddhist nun) in the Vietnamese tradition when she was ordained by master Thích Thiên-Ân in 1976. Read more about her story here. Margaret Kibben (1960- ) is a Presbyterian minister who has served as the first female chief of chaplains of the US Navy, the US Marine Corps, and the US House of Representatives. Read about her work here.
LWV US October 21 Update