LWV OPRF November 8 Week in Preview
Voting Rights Now
On the morning of November 17th, the LWV US will once again make their presence known loud and clear in front of the White House to demand that this Administration stops making excuses and prioritizes our voting rights NOW!  Using the form below, tell us if you can show up and if you would like a role--such as holding a sign or serving as a marshal. If you are interested in taking part in the civil disobedience action, you can sign up hereIf you have any questions, please list them and we will get back to you. To find more information about the action and previous actions, go here.
Sign a Petition to President Biden: Your voice is powerful, now it’s time to raise it up to the Oval Office. Call on the Biden-Harris White House to lead this fight to protect the freedom to vote. Sign the petition here.
Great Decisions in 2022
Great Decisions will begin new group discussions with new 2022 topics starting in February. This promises to be an exciting series of discussions about international issues-explore 8 issues over 8 sessions. Please email Alex Matthews to order your book or for more information.  Alex needs to order the books in the next week so don’t delay if you are interested. The topics will be Outer Space, Climate Change, Russia and the U.S., Myanmar and ASEAN, Quad Alliance, Drug Policy in Latin America, Industrial Policy, and Biden's Agenda.
Last Call for Second Tuesday
Recent headlines tell the story: 23 Shot, 3 Fatal; 20 Wounded, 4 People Killed; 9 Killed, 58 Wounded; 6 Killed, 56 Wounded. Please join us for a discussion on the important topic of Gun Violence Prevention with LWV Issues Specialist Jim McGrath when the Second Tuesday Forums for 2021-22 kicks-off at 9:30am on Tuesday, November 9. The event will be held via Zoom and sign-up is here. This is a free event open to the community.
Civil Liberties
The ACLU is sponsoring a discussion on advancing civil liberties titled, "Civil Liberties in Our Communities: A Virtual Conversation." This event offers an opportunity to hear from the ACLU of Illinois staff and local leaders about current civil liberties challenges – from protecting and expanding reproductive rights and access, challenging attacks on our voting rights, protecting our democracy, and fighting for policing and criminal legal system change. From Rockford to Carbondale, from the Quad Cities to Danville, we must fight together for freedom every day. To register for this Tuesday, November 9, 7:00pm virtual event, go here.
Feminist Four
The star-spangled banner waves over the land of the free and the home of four brave Wartime Women Heroes, whose patriotism is still remembered today. Read about Deborah Sampson who fought during the Revolutionary War under the name Robert Shurtliff.
During World War II, Rosalind P. Walter was the inspiration for the "Rosie the Riveter" song. She worked on airplanes during WWII, one of many women at the time who took jobs in the war industry while many men fought overseas. She later became a philanthropist, serving as a trustee for the American Museum of Natural History and Long Island University. Read more about Rosalind here.
There were over 11,000 military women who served in Vietnam during the war, the majority of whom were nurses. These women generally worked twelve-hour shifts six days a week, but during major conflicts, their shifts could last up to thirty-six hours. However, their hard work paid off; 98% of the wounded men who made it to the hospital survived their injuries. When they returned home, many of these women faced the aftermath of war alone — either because they were nurses rather than soldiers, or because of the political controversy surrounding the war. Today, they are honored in the Vietnam Women’s War Memorial in Washington, DC. Take a virtual tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial here.
Genevieve Chase enlisted in the US Army Reserve in 2003 and completed several tours in Afghanistan. After returning home, she suffered from a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, and severe depression. These experiences prompted her to found American Woman Veterans (AWV), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting female veterans and their families, in 2010. Watch a video of what the AWV does to help women veterans make the transition from military to civilian life.
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