LWV OPRF May 24 Week in Preview
Annual Meeting
Our LWV OPRF Annual Meeting will take place on Thursday, June 3. This will be our 2nd virtual Annual Meeting and hopefully our last! As per our By-laws, the meeting packet, which includes the proposed program, budget, and slate will be available here and also on our website for easy reference. Also here for your review are the proposed By-law changes. Please take the time to look this material over before June 3. We will start the evening off at 6:00pm with our guest presenter, Illinois Speaker of the House, Chris Welch. Our business meeting will follow his talk. We do need a quorum for the Annual Meeting, so please sign up here to attend. This will be our last event of this League year and we hope to see many of you there.
LWV US May 20, 2021
LWV IL May 2021
LWV Cook County Annual Meeting Presentation by President Preckwinkle