LWV OPRF March 30 Week in Preview

Second Tuesday  The  April 14  Second Tuesday forum on the Fair Tax with Ralph Martire has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. The last Second Tuesday on May 12 will proceed but will be an on-line, virtual Zoom meeting with Ann Courter, LWV IL Issues Specialist, as the featured speaker.  Ann will present information on the Fair Tax, invite people to help work for passage of the referendum, and answer your questions.   We will also ask that people consider showing their support for the Fair Tax by signing up on the Vote Yes for Fair Tax website (something you can do right now!).   Instructions on how to join the on-line Zoom meeting will be sent ahead of time to your email address.

Great Decisions - The topics for Great Decisions for the month of April are U.S. Relations with the Northern Triangle and China's Road into Latin America.  The Foreign Policy Institute has generously made companion videos for the Great Decisions topics free to watch. You can stream some of the information for the U.S. Relations with the Northern Triangle by watching this video. As the other topics of our Great Decisions are scheduled, the corresponding video will be shared with our membership.

Election Day - Members still have a chance to share their Election Day experience as either a voter or election judge.   LWV Cook County is still gathering information on any problems that were encountered. They are asking all Cook County Leagues to see if members can answer any of the following questions. Remember this is only for members who voted or worked on Election Day.
1. Did it appear there were sufficient judges?
2. Did you feel there were sufficient supplies to maintain cleanliness?
3. Were you able to keep a comfortable distance from others?
4. Was the equipment working properly?
5. If you were a judge, were you able to set up and take down the equipment without major problems?
6. If you were a judge, were you able to transmit the results at the end of the day without significant problems?
7. If you were a judge, was your training and the manual adequate?

Please reply to  Peggy Kell with your information by April 1. Thanks to those members that have replied already.
April President's Letter

Dear League Members,

I hope this finds you all well and safe in these difficult times. My heart goes out to the first responders, doctors and nurses, police officers and others who are exposed to Covid-19, sometimes without protection.  These are the people who are caring for us, and they deserve our gratitude.

Thanks to the strong and decisive state and local leadership, we have a plan to follow.  Unfortunately, the change in our habits regarding social distancing has necessitated the closing of many small businesses and restaurants resulting in loss of income for the owners and the people who work there.  So please help by ordering take out meals whenever possible.  

Rather than asking you to read a longer letter, please take the time to watch the attached video of a New York doctor who treats patients with the disease.  He tells you how to avoid getting infected and answers many important questions.

Thank you, and be safe and healthy!

Beverly Graham
LWV OPRF President

Sister, Sister 
LWV US  March 26 Update