LWV OPRF March 23 Week in Preview
Census2020 is underway as scheduled. You'll be receiving your mailed invitation to respond online shortly, if you haven't already. As advertised, there are only nine questions, and the online form is easy to use and takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. In this time of sheltering in place, here is one small piece of technology that can help Census2020 get done in spite of it all. Alternatively, you can participate by calling the number provided or wait for the form to be mailed to you.

Great Decisions - Though the Great Decisions groups are not meeting at this time, you can still keep up with the topics online. This month, Modern Slavery and  Human Trafficking were the topics. The Foreign Policy Institute has generously made companion videos for the Great Decisions topics free to watch. You can stream some of the information in this chapter by watching this video.  As the other topics of our Great Decisions are scheduled, the corresponding video will be shared with our membership.
Election Day Issues
Did you vote on Primary Election Day? Were you an election judge on Election 
Day? LWV Cook County is trying to gather information on any problems that were encountered. They are asking all Cook County Leagues to see if members can answer any of the following questions. Remember this is only for members that voted or worked on Election Day.
1. Did it appear there were sufficient judges?
2. Did you feel there were sufficient supplies to maintain cleanliness?
3. Were you able to keep a comfortable distance from others?
4. Was the equipment working properly?
5. If you were a judge, were you able to set up and take down the equipment without major problems?
6. If you were a judge, were you able to transmit the results at the end of the day without significant problems?
7. If you were a judge, was your training and the manual adequate?

Please reply to Peggy Kell with your information by March 31.
Please welcome new members Deborah Montgomery, Mike Cosgrove,  and John Wasserstrom to our LWV family. Glad you are on board!