LWV OPRF March 16 Week in Preview

Drinks & Dialogue has been  cancelled for this Thursday,  March 19. We will keep you informed  if scheduled events will be held or cancelled. Also, LWV IL offices are closed with staff working remotely until further notice.  

Census2020  is here! Community members have been mailed the forms this past week. You can choose to go online to answer the questions also. 
Remember Complete Count in part depends on us. Inform your friends and neighbors,  post the flyer  on your neighborhood bulletin boards, and spread the word how much Census2020 matters for everybody.

The Illinois Voter Guide is now active. 
You can go here to:

find your ballot; 

learn about the candidates;

verify your registration;

find your polling location;

Check out  voteforjudges.org for Bar Association ratings.


Sister, Sister 
  LWV IL March Update