LWV OPRF June 22 Week in Preview
We are coming to the close of a precedent-setting year in the League's history. We have stayed at home and met virtually. As we start to venture further from our homes and computers, we hope that the fall will have us back to once again educating our members and our community about all the important issues we will face in the future. This is still uncertainty as to when and where, but as always, we are committed to making sure all citizens are informed and then vote, either by mail or in person. Now is the time to renew your membership in our League because without you, we cannot do this important work. Renewal forms were mailed to all members this past week. July 1st is the date we will start processing online renewals and if you mail in your renewal, those checks will be deposited after July 1. 
Criminal Justice Update
A link to the Criminal Justice Update Study is now  available on the LWV IL website. This LWV IL Committee is working on consensus questions that local participating Leagues will study and answer. Anyone interested in joining this group may wish to  browse the materials.  Please contact Beverly Graham if you have any questions.
River Forest Forums
The River Forest Police Department will be holding Policing and Social Justice Public Forums at 6:00pm on June 24 and July 8. These will be streamed via Facebook Live. Read more about the themes of the meetings  here.
Sister, Sister
LWV US  June 18  Update