LWV OPRF January 18 Week in Preview
Second Tuesday Wrap-up
Thanks to all for last week's update on LWV OPRF Spring projects. What with local election candidate forums, our "Tea for Three" fundraiser for women's history month, the plant sale, and various committee meetings, we'll be busy. Download the Second Tuesday Update Summary here and find out how you can be involved. We're looking forward to seeing you at next month's Second Tuesday on February 9. Save the date!
Redistricting is coming soon, so consider attending The Shape of Democracy - Redistricting in Illinois and Chicago (January 28th at 7 p.m.) sponsored by Common Cause Illinois. Topics will include the results of the 2020 Census, how the process of redistricting works, the effects of gerrymandering, and what to watch for in both Illinois and Chicago. You can register at this link: RSVP for the Shape of Democracy.
Criminal Justice Consensus Meeting
On Saturday, January 16, Part 2 of the Criminal Justice Consensus Study was presented to members. Now we must take all this information and come to consensus on the questions that LWV IL will use to form a new position on this issue. Register for the Saturday, January 30, virtual Consensus meeting here.
Deep Tunnel
Have you ever wondered what the Deep Tunnel looked like? You now have an opportunity to take a virtual tour of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s Deep Tunnel and other facilities on Tuesday, January 19, from 2:00-3:15pm. Admission is free, there’s no age limit.Travel back in time to early Chicago to see how the old sanitary district reversed the Chicago River and developed wastewater treatment technology. Go behind the scenes and under water to learn how the District transforms the water you use every day; descend 300 feet into the Deep Tunnel system and watch District biologists and scientists collecting fish samples from the Chicago River. Register here.
County Election Review
LWV Cook County Voter Service members submitted questions and recommendations to the Cook County Clerk's Office following the November 3 election. You can read the list of recommendations and see the Clerk's answers here.
Sister, Sister
LWV BHNPS Feminism Through Fashion
LWV UMRR February 1 Zoom Presentation
LWV US January 11 Update