Dear Members:

I wrote my last letter the night before the election. Although Joe Biden was the clear winner, it’s been a harrowing month while the sitting President clings to his office, files countless lawsuits which have all been thrown out of court, and claims that he won despite certifications from state after state that his opponent was the victor. Gradually, however, he has slowly begun to face the facts and given the signal that the transition may begin. 

Sadly, the Graduated Income Tax referendum did not pass. I want to thank our members who worked so hard to educate the public and campaign for approval, only to fall short. As a result, taxes will likely be raised for everyone, which is what the referendum aimed to avoid. On a positive note, the voters of Cook County voted to pass it and the team is not giving up. It’s back to the drawing boards for the next election and hopefully the next attempt will be successful.

And as Covid 19 rages on, restaurants have had to restrict the number of indoor diners while some have devised creative ways to continue with outdoor dining. That being said, these establishments are suffering and some may go out of business by the end of the winter. The safest and most comfortable way to support them is to use carryout or delivery options. But don’t be discouraged, as help is on the way in the form of several new vaccines that have shown to be highly effective and will be available to us in the coming year. 

The Criminal Justice Reform Study Update Committee continues to prepare for our two upcoming member wide meetings. On January 16, we will present the final 7 sections of the study and on January 30 we will work to reach consensus on all the questions. Please use the links in the flyer below to register.

As the December holidays approach and we are unable to meet for our annual Holiday Social, we will be sending a link to the membership so that everyone can enjoy a musical presentation by the Sounds Good Chorus. Our Vice President, Joan Petertil, is one of the singers and has arranged for us to watch it on Zoom. 

I hope you all had a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season as we find new ways to connect with each other.