LWV OPRF April 19 Week in Preview
Another Call for Volunteers
The Observer Corps Program is structured to ensure that processes and decisions made by public entities are made in the open. Trained League observers attend meetings, note what happens, and then report back to their community through the local League. The League has been a champion of governmental transparency since our founding in 1920. It is one of our core principles and a vital part of our mission. Our service in this area reinforces our reputation for fairness, nonpartisanship, and trust. Why be part of the Observer Corps? Observing makes a statement that the community is watching the process of government. The League observer is the representative of the public at these meetings to help ensure that the issues facing their community are being addressed “in the sunshine, in the open.” Training is available. We need a chairperson for this committee and observers for our local governmental agencies. Meetings are virtual until further notice. What could be easier than watching meetings from your living room or out on your back porch? And you can pick the Board you would like to observe! Check out the list of Boards here. We haven't had observers reports in over a year! Interested? Please contact Joan Petertil, Leslie Lauderdale, or Jane Hastings for more information.
Redistricting: What’s it Matter to Me? Please join us on Thursday, April 29 at 6:oopm, for a film and presentation on redistricting in Illinois. The 30-minute film “Line in the Street,” was co-produced by Robert and Rachel Millman and tells the story of citizens, activists, and legislators as they fight for redistricting reform in Pennsylvania, one of the most heavily gerrymandered states in the country. After the film, stay tuned for a short presentation by LWV member Paula Lawson on the non-partisan committee in Springfield that is working to prevent gerrymandering so that all voters have an equal voice, the efforts to amend the Illinois Constitution to provide for an Independent Redistricting Commission, and the IL General Assembly’s efforts to get public input in this year’s redistricting process. Sign up here with our partner for this event, the Forest Park Library.
When Women Lead
Register for the April 29 When Women Lead event here.
April 30-May 2 Plant Sale Information
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