As many of you are aware, management recently approached JNESO with a proposal for adjustments to the wage scale. This proposal also included many changes to the current bargaining agreement. These other changes could only be categorized as major givebacks. JNESO has responded to management’s proposal with a counter-proposal that only contained increases to the wage scale and certain differentials. Management requested to meet with us last week. During this meeting, we reiterated our position that JNESO is always more than willing to discuss wage adjustments for our members but would not discuss any givebacks of hard-earned contractual language. We agreed to meet again this week. Management is expected to provide a counter-proposal.  

We will continue to fight for much-needed wage adjustments. We are aware of how important wage adjustments will be to recruit new RNs, and more importantly, to retain RNs currently working at LVH-Pocono. We will keep members updated of our discussions with management regarding wage adjustments.

For questions or concerns, please contact a

Local Officer, Shop Steward, or your

Labor Rep. Victoria Pacheco:

vpacheco@jneso.org | (800) 292-0542 x128

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