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June 10th,2024

I- 2024 Lake Conference Updates

II- Water Quality Program

Upcoming WQ Workshops

WQ Technical Session

Cyanobacteria bloom reports 

III- Aquatic Invasive Species Program 

IPP In-Person Workshops

IPP Travel Team Informational Webinar

IPP Travel Team Opportunity

Survey 123 for IPPers

IPP 101 Recording and Quiz

IV- From our Partners...

V- Office Hours

Lake Conference Updates

Friday, June 21st, 2024

University of Maine, Farmington

For the latest updates, visit the conference website:

Our 2024 Lake Conference is now at full capacity. However, you can join the waitlist by clicking in the button below. Recordings will be accessible on the conference website for those unable to attend.

Thank you for your interest and understanding!

Conference Waitlist

Speaker Spotlight

Micah Miller

Loon Program Director, Biodiversity Research Institute 

Micah is a broadly skilled avian biologist and toxicologist, with a background in waterbird research and conservation. His current research focuses on understanding large-scale threats to birds and their habitats, such as determining the sources and implications of legacy and emerging contaminants in lakes and ponds. Much of his research is in Maine, but he and others at BRI work on conservation efforts across the globe.  


Topic: PFAS exposure in Maine loons and eagles – indicators of lake health? 

Co-authors: Chris DeSorbo, Chris Persico, Emily Fellows, Helen Yurek, Logan Route, Lucas Savoy, and Dave Evers. 

Loons and eagles are icons of the wild, viewed and cherished by many. Their role as important fish-eating predators exposes them to contaminants through their diets, making them ideal indicators of environmental health. Emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, are of high concern in Maine, so we explored how concentrations of PFAS in blood of eagles and loons varied across the state. Despite expecting to find high levels only at sites with known PFAS contamination, we actually found elevated levels at many locations throughout Maine, the sources of which are currently unknown. Loons and eagles appear to be good indicators of environmental PFAS patterns, and our future work will focus on identifying the implications of PFAS on the health of these iconic birds and the habitats in which they live.  

Lloyd C. Irland

Lloyd Irland is founder and president of the Irland Group. He has been a forestry consultant to industry, governments, trade and environmental groups since 1987. From 2003 to 2010 he taught at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He served with the U.S. Forest Service and the Maine state government and in the U.S. Army in Vietnam.

Irland is author of five books and was a junior author of the timber chapter of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005). He participated in the U.S. National Assessment on Climate Change and attended the global climate summits at Copenhagen and Cancun. A Fellow of the Society of American Foresters, his work on forests has brought him to China, India, Germany, Austria, Greece, Bhutan, France, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Ukraine. Irland earned his B.S. from Michigan State University, his M.S. from the University of Arizona and his Ph.D. from Yale University.

Topic: Maine’s Rivers and lakes: 430 Towns, 30 Plantations 

Maine’s Rivers and Lakes suffer from too many levels of local government, but too little governance. We do not have the institutions that will work. The DEP is too busy. Too much is done through an uncoordinated non-system of grants. This talk amplifies the argument. 

Governance…the issue of the 2030s. The issue is not on anybody’s issue list because it is in our bones arising from the late Middle Ages in England. It leads to governance at the wrong level for almost every river and lake in Maine. People who like it are those who own homes – especially overcrowded ones at the lake -- and would be happy to see no more of them built. And no Septic Inspectors poking around. It’s not working -- 127 lakes are on the DEP Watch list.   Face it -- Maine is a gigantic sprawl machine, and it can’t be stopped. One solution is at our fingertips: the county, but nobody likes that! But ingredients could work. 

Water Quality Program

Upcoming Water Quality Workshops

We have a few spaces still available in our upcoming water quality workshops, please contact us at the office to schedule your participation.

📍Pushaw in Orono -- 6/13 -- Morning (Recertifications Only)

📍Rangeley/Oquossoc Lake in Rangeley -- 6/24 -- Morning

📍Wilson in Wilton -- 7/1 -- Early Afternoon (Recertifications Only)

📍Pierce Pond in Bowtown Twp -- 7/2 -- Morning

📍Echo Lake in Fayette -- 6/17 -- Late Morning

📍Smith Pond in the Millinocket area -- 7/8 -- Morning (Secchi only)

Our complete list of 2024 Water Quality Workshops is available on our website!

As a current volunteer that is interested in participating, please send an email to, or call to speak with Jonnie at 207-783-7733.

As a completely new volunteer, please contact us using this form.

Learn More

Water Quality Technical Check-in Session

 June 12 at 12:30PM

See you there!

Register here

Noticed something like this on your lake?

The yellow here is pollen, but similar blue, green, or brown aggregations might be cyanobacteria. Help us identify them by keeping a clear glass jar on your boat for taking samples and submit photos using the EPA BloomWatch app.

For more examples of cyanobacteria check out the resources on our website.

Aquatic Invasive Species Program

For any questions related to IPP workshops, registration, or the aquatic invasive species program, please email

Registration for In-Person IPP Workshops Now Open

Register Here

IPP Travel Team Informational Webinar June 19

Curious about the IPP Travel Team? Register for LSM's informational webinar on Wednesday, June 19 at 9:00 am. 

The IPP Travel Team is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to volunteer to help survey beautiful Maine lakes for aquatic invasive plants and animals. In this webinar, you will learn about the team's purpose, how volunteers can contribute, what support LSM provides, and the exciting travel opportunities available this summer. AIS staff will also be available to answer any questions you have. 

Explore Maine's lakes while making a difference!

Register Here

Travel Team Opportunity

July 11, Wesserunsett Lake Survey. Please email for more information.

Recordings Available!

🌿 Survey123 for IPPers

🌿 IPP 101 - Completion of an accompanying Review Quiz is required for those seeking Tier 2 IPP Certification. The quiz is available HERE.

Notice from our Partners, Colleagues and Collaborators


If you have any questions regarding this program, please reach out to them directly.

The Friends of Wilson Lake (FOWL) will be celebrating its 35th anniversary on July 21, 2024, in Wilton. Scott Williams will be the guest speaker. Lunch is included, and space is limited. If you would like to attend please contact Sandy Muller, FOWL President, at, before July 12th .

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