Volume 18 | June 01, 2021
LSA Monthly Update
A Monthly Electronic Newsletter from the Louisiana Shooting Association, Inc.
Urge Gov. Edwards to Sign Constitutional Carry Bill
Please contact Governor John Bel Edwards and ask him to sign the Constitutional Carry bill, SB 118! Responsible citizens of Louisiana should not first have to ask for approval from the government to defend their life, liberty and property. Please below to contact the Governor to ask him to sign Constitutional Carry into law!

Rep. Mack Cormier (Dem., Dist. 105)
LSA Endorses Rep. Mack Cormier for LA State Senate
The Louisiana Shooting Association is endorsing strongly pro-Gun State Representative Mack Cormier (Dem, Dist. 105) of Belle Chasse in his bid to replace anti-gun former State Senator Troy Carter. Carter recently was elected to the US House of Representatives. The open Senate Seat triggered a special election for District 7, which will be held on June 12, 2021.

In his short time as a State Representative, Mack Cormier, has proven his Second Amendment bona fides with a perfect voting record on our issue. Please consider voting for Mr. Cormier and urge your like-minded pro-gun friends and family to vote for Mr. Cormier.
Early voting for LA Senate District 7 began Friday, May 28, 2021, and ends June 5, 2021.
Chipman lacks the professionalism, honesty, candor, and fairness necessary to enforce the law in an unbiased manner to the benefit of the American people.
Take Action: Gun Prohibitionist David Chipman Provides Disqualifying Testimony at Senate Confirmation Hearing

On May 26, 2021, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing for several Biden administration nominees, including professional gun control activist David Chipman for director of the federal agency that enforces the nation’s gun control laws (commonly referred to as ATF). Chipman’s evasive, contradictory, and dishonest testimony disqualified him from further consideration for the position.

The most damning testimony that Chipman provided concerned his desire to ban so-called “assault weapons.” Chipman has a long record as a paid gun control advocate of supporting sweeping efforts to outlaw some of America’s most popular rifles, including the iconic AR-15. He is also on record insisting that the prior federal “assault weapons” ban did not go far enough.

Mr. Chipman has been employed for the past few years by Giffords, one of the nation’s leading gun prohibition lobbying organizations, as a senior policy advisor. There is absolutely no appearance of fairness or objectivity in this nomination, and his performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee leaves serious doubts about his perspective on gun rights and the Second Amendment, and how he would approach the job if confirmed.

Perhaps MAIG should swallow a big spoonful of the same medicine it continually presses on others, and require its new and existing members to pass a criminal background check.
Anti-Gun-Rights Mayor and Husband Involved in Gun Crimes
Founded and funded by rabidly anti-gun billionaire and failed Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, the deceptively named Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) was created in 2006 to lobby for gun control, including increased restrictions and bans on completely legal firearms.

The group’s real claim to fame, though, is how often its gun-grabbing members are caught engaging in criminal behavior, including firearm-related offenses.

The latest MAIG member alleged to have run afoul of the law is Lovely Warren, the Democrat mayor of Rochester, New York. Last October, Ms. Warren was indicted on felony campaign finance charges, including a first-degree scheme to defraud. This month, the mayor’s husband, Timothy Granison, was accused of being part of a “cocaine trafficking ring” and faces charges of criminal firearm possession and criminal possession of controlled substances. This follows a police raid on the family home that uncovered illicit drugs, a semiautomatic rifle and a loaded, unregistered handgun.

Ms. Warren has denied owning the drugs or the guns and not been charged in relation to the trafficking investigation. However, news reports indicate that Mr. Granison is a convicted felon, which would question his ability to lawfully possess firearms under federal and state law. Sandra Doorley, the local district attorney, has refused to rule out additional charges, including counts relating to possession of the rifle.

It is an uncomfortable fact that not long ago, Ms. Warren called for taking “illegal guns” off the streets and focusing on “bringing these people to justice that are picking up these weapons,” with the city coordinating with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to curtail gun crimes. In a similar vein, every mayor who joins MAIG is asked to sign a “Statement of Principles” that includes (besides the standard demands for things like more background checks, red flag and storage laws), a commitment “to promote the enforcement of existing gun laws that have swift and certain consequences,” and “encourage police to trace all suspected crime guns to identify the sources of firearms, to develop leads, and to identify potential traffickers.”

Perhaps MAIG should swallow a big spoonful of the same medicine it continually presses on others, and require its new and existing members to pass a criminal background check.
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