Weekly Update

Feb 19-25

Key Information

THIS Sun Feb 25

Due to the ChillFest Retreat, we will combine all Middle and High School students into one teaching hour at 9AM.

Student Baptism Information

The Student Baptism Service is scheduled for Sun April 28 at 4PM.

Students are required to attend a Student Baptism class, complete the Spring Creek Membership Application, have a Deacon Conversation and prepare their testimony in order to participate.

New this year, we will offer two options for students and families who struggle with only Wednesday nights at 5 PM. 

Only one class is required.  

Students may attend both if they want extra help in writing their testimony.

Class Dates

Option 1: Sun March 10 at 9AM in the Hub

Option 2: Wed March 13 at 5PM in the Hub

Pastor Mike Poelzer & Pastor Case will be helping with these classes for our students.  

Click HERE to Register for a Class

FEBRUARY Wednesday Nights @ The Loft

Wed Feb 21

Middle and High School in the Auditorium for Live @ The Loft

[Pastor Tom Price: Teaches How to… Be Financially Wise (don’t miss this great talk)]!

Wed Feb 28

Middle and High School in the Auditorium for Live @ The Loft

[Missionary: Jay Seegert to present some key points of Apologetics/Defending the Faith (another great talk)]!


NEW! March Serving Saturday – Sat March 9, 8:15AM-Noon

Click HERE for more information and to register.

Registrations are due Sun March 3.

Students have the opportunity to serve at CareNet, Hope St and Ebenezer’s Stone.

Parents and LOFT Leaders are need to help drive students to the locations.

MARCH Wednesday Nights @ The Loft

God’s Beautiful Design Series from Sundays in Life Groups & Sermons…. 

Pastor Case will do some talks on various topics within this series with our students & leaders on March 6 & 13. 

The Loft Leaders are watching and seeing the resources provided that the church is going through to equip them for our D-group discussions in March. 

Specifically, we will study Gender & Identity within the series, because they live in this tension within their schools, peer relationships, etc. 

Parents & Students we want you to be aware of what section we will study and when – pray for the series to bring hope & healing to what God says He wants from us.

Wed March 6

Middle School Live @ The Loft & High School in D-groups

Wed March 13

High School Live @ The Loft & Middle School D-groups

Wed March 20

TBD: Based on how the series is received by students/leaders

Wed March 27 

NO LOFT or AWANA… Spring Break for many schools in area

This Week...

Tomorrow Wed Feb 21

Gym/Café Open at 6PM, programming from 6:30PM - 8PM 

Concessions will be available for purchase starting at 6PM. 


We will start @ 6:30 sharp, please plan to arrive early to check-in. 


All Grades combined in the Show

Our students will be blessed to learn from Pastor Tom Price on “How to be Financially Wise”.

Don’t miss this crucial teaching! 

This Sunday Feb 25: Sunday Scripture Study

9AM – All Grades

ThisSunday: Feb 25: The weekend of Chillfest (our Middle & High School Winter Retreat) 

There will be a Video Lesson at 9AM for all Middle and High School Students

Next Sun March 3 = Exodus 1 – 2 & Overview of Book #2 

Other Opportunities

Stay Connected

NEW! Parents of the LOFT – Wed Feb 21

We will be meeting in the old HUB (now called Room 4) in the Student wing to view a live stream of Pastor Tom’s talk on “How to be Financially Wise”.

Please go directly there.

NEW! Cedarville University Jubilate Hosts

We have an exciting opportunity to have Jubilate, a Christian traveling choir from Cedarville University, join us for our services on Sunday, April 7th. We are thrilled to have them share their ministry with us.

We are searching for church families to host group members in their homes Sat April 6 and also provide Sat dinner and Sun breakfast. 

You will need to host at least two students with a private room and individual beds or air mattresses. 

Please contact Trina Klinkhardt at tklinkhardt@springcreek.church if you are interested in hosting or have additional questions. 

Prayer Requests for The LOFT

0: Pray for the world to respond to God’s love in Jesus & for His peace/protection over those at war in Israel.  

1: Pray for all of us as we head up to our annual Winter Retreat: Chillfest! Spirit to move in lives & safety as we play.  

2: Pray for a great season of ministry at Live @ The Loft, Sunday Scripture study in Genesis, etc.  

3: Pray for commitments to Christ & to be a light, in ways that bring revival in lives, families & schools. 

Stay Connected with the LOFT Student Ministry

If your student does not receive LOFT emails or family members have a new preferred email address for all church communication including the LOFT, Click HERE to let us know so we can update our database.

LOFT on YouTube 

Click HERE for the homepage or search “The LOFT SCC”. 

Select Sunday Bible Studies and Wednesday Shows are available for you to check out! 

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