A Message from PACP President

Often when we’re on stage the director will ask us to move “into the light”. And that is exactly what we are doing. PACP is coming from #DarkButBusy to Into the Light as we take the stage again. We've missed performing for an audience.

We start with our first ever outdoor production ­with “Fortinbras” (July 30-August 15) a comedic sequel to Hamlet as we present Shakespeare in the Park(ing lot). It’s been a whirlwind of preparations getting the grounds ‘show worthy’, but it’s also been a thrilling creative process that we’ve needed.

A terrific season of plays awaits beginning in September as we return to our indoor stage. We’ll be announcing the season soon. In the meantime we could use your help. We’ve been making a lot of improvements to the building, making it ready for your return, but there’s still a lot to do. The next three Saturdays we’ll have cleaning parties inside and out.

If you have never been backstage, here's your opportunity to peek behind the curtain. We can use your help cleaning high and low backstage, and preparing the landscaping for new decorative bark. We’ll provide what you need to get the job done, unless you have a favorite weed pulling tool you want to use. Plus, we have other volunteer opportunities. See below. Be part of bringing live theater back!

Come play with us at your community’s theater starting at 10:00am Saturday, as we all emerge into the light of creativity and laughter!

Rediscover the magic and enchantment of Live Theater when the Port Angeles Community Players present the pageantry, the exciting clash of steel, the ribald comedy, a castle full of ghosts and the sequel to HAMLET that you didn't realize you needed to see.

Barbara Frederick, President, Port Angeles Community Theater
Can you help us with some needed materials for our outdoor performance?
The Playhouse is a busy with the clatter of an ambitious, new production and as we prepare to welcome back a LIVE audience.

There was some confusion around an earlier community request for lumber, so we want to clarify our needs.

FORTINBRAS will be presented outside in our back parking lot. As we have asphalt and not grass, it will be necessary for the audience to BRING THEIR OWN CHAIRS. So, with the audience sitting in chairs, it is necessary for the platforms to be raised to see the action on stage. And, there will be action!

With over 16 platforms, some three feet in the air, some five feet and some almost nine feet in the air, creating the expansive set for Elsinore Castle requires stout legs and cross bracing for safety reasons.

If you have materials listed that you would be willing to donate to the Playhouse, please contact Production Designer Richard Stephens 360-461-1617
message the Playhouse through our Facebook page.

  • 50 4x4s ( to leg up the platforms so actors will be visible to audience)
  • Paint - Black and Ivory/Cream (flat, satin, eggshell or gloss) to paint the stage
  • Handrails: 35’ for steps and to keep actors safe at higher levels
  • Plywood – 4 sheets
  • 10 2x6s - Cross braces
  • 8 2x4s - back rails so actors don't tumble off back of stage
  • Black vapor barrier
  • Screws - 1 1/2" - 2 1/2"

Anything you can share is greatly appreciated as well as a gift card to a local hardware store.

Every little bit helps and it all adds up to help us hold down the costs of lumber, since it is at a premium price.
"To V or not to V - THAT is the question!"  

The "V" of course is Volunteer. In this out-door production of "Fortinbras", the comedic sequel to "Hamlet", there is a great need of some fun loving volunteers. "Fortinbras" runs July 30th through August 15th, with nine performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Training is provided for all these positions. We are always looking for fresh faces to join our crew and have fun. Work the show - See the show! Be a part of the magic when we proudly bring LIVE THEATER back to Port Angeles this summer!

  • Reliable stage crew members to help with scenery shifts, prop placement, stage set up, etc.  

  • A sound operator to run music and sound effect cues from a laptop.

  • Folks to welcome patrons back to the theater to help with seating and answer questions, we will need ushers and House Managers for all nine performances - training provided!

  • Two dressers - (not furniture!) to help the actors do quick changes in their costumes and maintain the costumes such as ironing satin dresses that wrinkle easily, etc.

  • At least two people to help direct traffic, in our parking lots and when full, directing people to parking up and down the street.

  • Four people to help with the box office, with a rotating schedule of at least two people working the ticket counter at a time. Sell tickets and welcome patrons! This is critical and would like it if these folks might consider working our other performances during the next season. Training is easy.

With the exception of stage crew, volunteers do NOT have to be at every performance. If you are interested in helping in any of these essential volunteer positions, please contact the playhouse by calling 360-452-6651 and leave a message, or contact Mark ( or Richard ( 

Volunteers from the Community make Community Theater possible! 
It’s time again to vote for the Best of the Peninsula!

Voters will be asked to first NOMINATE their favorite services, food, shopping, recreation and people, non-profit, live performance group, etc. from June 7-20.

Once the top five nominees from each category have been determined, the Best of the Best voting will begin June 28 and end at midnight July 11.

Thanks to all who voted in 2020.

We were considered in very good company with Black Diamond Junction and the Port
Angeles Symphony! We are honored to be included with your groups, which are two of our community entertainment favorites.

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