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Reclaim 10.0 Hours of Billable Time This Week

Wednesday, April 24, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Pacific via ZOOM

Join us for a re-airing of Reclaim 10.0 Hours of Billable Time This Week. You’ll receive 100% participatory credit CLE for watching this program. 

Molly Kremer, Esq., The Billing Coach

In this CLE, attorney and certified life coach Molly Kremer, will teach you 3 of her unique coaching strategies for reclaiming at least 10 hours of billable time each and every week. That's over 520 hours a year in added billing! This program is not about how to squeeze in 520 more hours of work. It is about reclaiming those hours so that you can finally meet or exceed your billable hour requirements, have more time for yourself, family and friends, and finally enjoy ALL of your legal practice. 

This program qualifies for 1.25 hours of General participatory credit in California.

CLE materials can be viewed here: Download Materials.


You can only receive CLE credit for watching the program one time.

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