April 8, 2023

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Last week I started talking about Methylene Blue, something I had not heard of until very recently and from two of my clients. What I have discovered since blows my mind.

I have been taking it daily for one week today and have been recommending to others. In my opinion, this is as significant as a therapeutic as glutathione and melatonin and unique in its methods of function. The range of use for health is astounding (see article below Methylene Blue: Swiss Army Knife?) I'll be talking about that again to day, and then moving on to something that had fallen off my radar when it comes to helping with cancer: IP6+Inositol.

What does Methylene Blue actually do?

What does Methylene Blue actually do? Methylene Blue has the fantastic ability of being able to repair damaged tissue, cells and mitochondria, allowing them to restore proper energy function. 

It restores the most proper, organized, and efficient pathway of energy production in the mitochondria, where oxygen and carbohydrate are consumed, and ATP, CO2, and water are created. 

It specifically has its effect in the electron transport chain (ETC), where it can act as a redox agent, meaning it can reduce itself, or oxidize itself wherever necessary. This means that it can donate electrons in the ETC where more electrons are needed, and can receive electrons when there are too many. This is a large component of its reparative effect. 

By 2010, a total of 11,000 studies on MB had been published on PubMed, and the therapeutic effects are well known in the medical research community.

Methylene Blue: Swiss Army Knife?

Note that the first sentence in the above link says it is not for internal use. This is simply an FDA compatible disclaimer, as you will read further down.

Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue:

  • Broad spectrum anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant capable of lowering oxidative stress and markers of aging
  • Repairs cellular mitochondrial energy production
  • Improves cellular ability to use oxygen (oxidative phosphorylation)
  • Short-term, long-term and working memory improvement
  • Neuroprotective
  • Shown to improve depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia
  • Shown to improve Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's
  • Promotes autophagy (the cell's garbage removal system)
  • Reduces harmful Nitric Oxide
  • Metabolic enhancer
Methylene Blue article from Last Week for Your Review

Now available at Wondrous Roots

I purchased my first bottle from Amazon and ordered several bottles for others. As I tried to purchase more from Amazon, the delivery dates went further and further out.

I contacted Biopharm, Inc. directly and will have ample supply from them on Wednesday, April 19.

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Moving on to IP6+Inositol & Cancer

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IP-6, or inositol hexaphosphate, an antioxidant found in high fibre foods, may slow down the production of cancer cells, inhibiting cancers such as prostate cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer by blocking several pathways including mTor and P13K-Akt, and stealing essential iron from cancer cells, starving them of growth;  it also may improve chemotherapy effectiveness and reduce side-effects.

Spring allergies got you down?

This just in today!

Allergy Relief Plus

Posted by Yeiter on 15th Apr 2023

I started having allergy issues late in life starting about 10 years ago and it got worse every year. It often led to sinus infections particularly during the early Spring with tree pollen. The headaches, congestion, sore throat started to become almost disabling, certainly took the joy out of Spring! I have tried most over the counter medications and though some helped, none really were satisfactory.

I came home Monday evening and could feel the effects of tree pollen. I started wearing one of these the next day, and what a difference!

I have been taking Allergy Relief Plus for the past two years and it does an amazing job if I take four dropper fulls several times a day or as needed. However, it works best if I stay ahead of the symptoms and take on a regular basis. I may still take an antihistamine when the tree pollen starts coating our cars etc. - symptoms may arise but are very mild compared to life without Allergy Plus!

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