Fraud-Based Hawaii GOP Fundraiser
is NOT for the Mortgage After All 


Aloha Republicans:

An Important Warning to all Republicans in Hawaii who have been solicited for the Hawaii Republican Party's upcoming 'capital campaign' fundraiser being held 'for the mortgage' -- Ticket buyers and donors are strongly advised to seek refunds in light of the evidence of fraud, deception, and doublespeak.  Here it is:

False advertising and false telemarketing solicitations are just the tip of the iceberg for the legal problems surrounding leaders at the Hawaii Republican Party, who are knowingly and actively telling lies in hopes of selling tickets to HRP's upcoming fundraiser featuring Jerry Coffee and Susana Martinez.  The details and extent of the shell game are both shocking and eye-opening.

The apparently illegal bait and switch involves explicitly telling prospective ticket buyers and sponsors that the funds for this HRP "capital campaign" event will ONLY ever be used for making mortgage payments on the party's headquarters.  

Here's what gets unscrupulous organizations like HRP in  big trouble :  Party members being solicited are NOT being told that these same party leaders secretly made a very recent change to HRP rules.  This change would allow the money raised at this event (and others like it) to be used for absolutely ANYTHING that party leaders want to spend the money on . . . even if it means 
secretly dipping into dedicated mortgage funds and spending that money elsewhere.  If this fundraising event is actually "legitimate" and if there's no fraud involved, then why secretly change the rule so that mortgage funds can be secretly diverted to other purposes while telling ticketbuyers and donors the exact opposite??

It is not yet known if keynote speakers Mr. Coffee and Governor Martinez are complicit in the fraud and the apparent bait and switch, or if they legally become complicit once they have been made aware of the numerous financial and soliciting improprieties of the engagement they are headlining.

However, Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohlfing, Ted Liu and the entire party leadership of HRP are certaininly implicated in this fraud.  After all, they implemented the secret rule change to convert the mortgage account into a 
slush fund
.  But it gets worse.

The evidence is rapidly piling up that party leaders have been dipping into mortgage funds for years and 'repurposing' those funds without party members having any idea of the fraud . . . the kind of deliberate fundraising and accounting fraud which would interest the state's Attorney General.

While mortgage monies appear to have been vanishing into thin air, these same party leaders have fought for another rule change at HRP: to prohibit, yes PROHIBIT , any financial audit of party funds, party accounts, party bookkeeping, and the disposition of those dedicated mortgage funds for party headquarters.  After three major fundraisers, which reportedly netted $132,000 towards paying off the $171,000 mortgage, they claim to still owe $121,000 on its mortgage.  In other words, $82,000 seems to have gone missing . . . with  NO INDEPENDENT AUDIT being permitted by party leaders .  [ Suspicious timing :  This rule change comes on the heels of party leaders  actively blocking an audit of party finances since the "capital campaign" was begun four years ago and the books started smelling fishy.]   So if the party's books are not cooked and there's nothing to hide, then why are party leaders blocking an audit and why have they been fighting an audit for four long years???

The recently exposed secret commitment of $120,000 on an unqualified 'friend' of party chair Fritz Rohlfing is just a small indicator of how party leaders are actually using donations to HRP.  After those funds were diverted to dumping the inexperienced Marcia Tagavilla on the payroll, zero funds are being used to expose Democrat failings or facilitate Republican victories, since no money is being spent and no budget or even a strategy has been approved by party leaders to improve the chances of GOP candidates in the election just one year from now.

This series of financial scandals and legal problems call into question the fitness of HRP's current leadership.  As this scandal escalates, few inside or outside the organization have faith in Hawaii's Republican Party when its own officers are actively duping donors and ticket buyers about a fraudulent "mortgage fund" and a bait and switch "capital campaign."

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Protect yourself against fraud and donate directly to Republican candidates until the corrupt party officers are gone and their scandals are cleaned up.


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