Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rivko Knox is a first-generation American whose dad was an avid news watcher and community leader. He had his own voting block composed of other Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Neighbors would say to him, "tell us who to vote for, Velle!", to which he would reply, "I can explain to you what the candidates stand for, but no, the decision is yours." 

Rivko attended the University of Southern California on a full tuition scholarship and achieved a bachelor's degree in History. She was involved in the USC Democratic club and registered to vote on her 21st birthday. It was at this point she began her journey in Democratic politics.

In 1966, Rivko and her family left California for Arizona. Upon settling in the Valley of the Sun, it didn't take long to notice the billboard saying "Impeach Earl Warren" followed by a John Birch Society Book Store. In her words, "we moved to the wrong state!" She immediately got involved with the Arizona Democratic Party, the ACLU, and the League of Women Voters. One thing led to another, and she quickly became a PC, and State Committeeperson.

From there Rivko's seeds turned to sprouts and those turned to deep roots for our AZ democracy. She would go on to write the rules for the first 'democratic' Presidential primary, and ran for AZ State Senate in 1972, receiving more votes than McGovern and defeated by Sandra Day O'Connor.

Rivko is a legend in the community, not only for her party leadership, but her civic engagement having participated in multiple anti-war & pro-MLK marches. She became the President of the ACLU of AZ for 8 years and continued to serve on the Board for over four decades.

Once retiring from her non-partisan career, she immediately filed to be a PC again, and volunteered to be Secretary and serve on multiple (yes, multiple!) LD Executive Boards (9 to be exact!).

For those who have met Rivko, they know her stick-to-it-ness and grit; her dedication to preserving our democracy is unmatched. Her self-described combination of "intellectual pessimism and operational optimism" keeps her knocking on doors every Saturday morning, regardless of the outcome the weekends before.

Rivko and her husband, Ben, share the same political views and have been married for over 40 years. That's true love. She has two beautiful daughters who reside in AZ and four incredible grandchildren.

If you were to ask Rivko to explain her 'why', or purpose for serving with such dedication, this is her response:

"To me, politics is about morality (totally separated

from sex); it's about 'do unto others or do NOT do unto

others'. The Jewish concept of 'Tikkun Olum' i.e., to repair

the world, which is the responsibility of every

human being, in whatever way they can, with the work

never being finished, and each of us is responsible for

'our' part!! Voting is part of it, but it's just a small part.

Speak up, stand up, march, rally, donate, knock on doors --

keep pushing! We are all responsible for moving the marble that is democracy in the direction of greater justice for all -- while making sure that 'others' don't push it off the table, period."


Congratulations to the South-North Phoenix team who took the championship trophy home for LD Trivia! Despite some assistance from Janet Wilson, who hosted the game, the North-North Phoenix team struggled to compete against the powerhouse South team.

When we weren't playing games, we shared stories, enjoyed Duck and Decanter, and raised our glasses to our courageous volunteers, LD PCs, and legislative leaders.

The tradition will continue next year!

But wait...there's more!

We had holiday-inspired live music throughout the evening thanks to the incredible singer and songwriter, Joe Feldman.

A special thank you to PC Ron Owen & his husband Peter Rosenberg. Your home, the view, the decorations, everything - was magical and beautiful all around!

And many thanks to Diane Feldman Schoen who managed the event, coordinated everything, created a perfect experience, and more.

And lastly, we're thrilled to report that after this event, LD2 has contributed over 40 lbs of food to the PV Community Food Bank. Thanks to Chris Gehlker, our Dems Give Back Vice Chair, for leading this effort.


A special thank you to all who attended this year's MCDP Annual Winter Convention!

Ahead of next year, check out the MCDP Platform and Bylaws.


Representative Ruben Gallego is hosting a toy drive with the Maricopa County chapter of NAACP to support the children of Guadalupe. To contribute, scan the QR Code in the picture (below) for more information.


Do you have any last-minute gifts to buy friends or family? If so, check out the new items in the Arizona Democrat merchandise store today!


Consider donating your time, talents, and/or money to organizations. 

  • Jeanne Casteen made us aware of an opportunity to donate to an organization that works to ensure a separate of church and state in AZ. Visit the Secular Coalition for AZ at www.secularaz.org

  • Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster children. A friend of mine is a CASA volunteer who has found this work very rewarding. Visit www.azcourts.gov/CASA


We’ve received inquiries from some of our active volunteers who are not PCs but want to take advantage of this opportunity. By all means, please feel free to purchase these items and wear/use them proudly! We validate the information before sending them to the printer. You can order LD2 business cards at $30/box of 100 cards & name badges at $15/badge.

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The turnaround is pretty quick.

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If you’re reading this newsletter, you know the importance of voting in all elections and understand the process. However, not all of our LD2 neighbors do, so one of the uses of our funds is for the purpose of creating literature and mailers to help educate the voters of LD2 about the importance of elections – especially down ballot local races. Consider becoming a recurring donor to LD2 and you will be automatically entered to win a gift card for your recurring donation! 

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Dec 21: No LD2 Monthly Meeting

It’ll be really quiet at the PVCC Conference Center – no meeting in December. Happy Holidays!


Jan 27: Hall of Fame Dinner, Time TBD

Hold the date! It should be a fun dinner having won the top two seats.


Jan 28: ADP Biennial Reorganization Meeting, Time TBD

Hold the date! Elected State Committee persons will vote for the ADP Executive Board. Make sure you participate in this as they will need a quorum.


Paradise Valley USD – District Administrative Center / 15002 N 32nd St; Phoenix – Typically the first and third Thursday of the month. Governing Board | Paradise Valley Unified School District (pvschools.net)

Deer Valley USD – 20402 N 15th Ave; Phoenix – Typically the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Governing Board / Governing Board (dvusd.org)

Glendale Union High School District – 7650 N 43rd Ave; Glendale – Typically the first and third Wednesday of the month. Meeting Dates 2021-2022 - GUHSD (guhsdaz.org)

Washington Elementary School District – 4650 W Sweetwater Ave; Glendale – Typically the second and fourth Thursday of the month. In-person seating will be limited to 40 people. Meetings are live streamed.

Governing Board / Governing Board Meeting Schedule (wesdschools.org)

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