You may be wondering, what is a “single shot” and why is it important to LD2? A single shot is a political strategy to help increase the chances of getting your candidate elected. For the State House, where we have two elected representatives for our LD, we have intentionally placed one Democratic candidate to run in a race where two candidates can be on the ballot. To make this work, it requires us to convince our Democrat voters to essentially “throw away” their second vote and only vote for the one Democrat. We know that Independent voters will typically split their ballot and if there’s only one Democrat to choose, then all the votes will go to the single shot candidate.

To that end, we’re happy to display our upcoming Single Shot Postcards we’ll be using in LD2 to help our voters with how to cast their ballot in the General Election. We’d like to think this effort helped with getting our Representative elected in 2020.

In the next few newsletters, we’ll be elaborating on our Single Shot postcards and ways you can help.


If you are planning to vote in person on election day at the polls, you need to use the felt-tip pens which the Elections Department provides each vote center. The ink in the felt-tip pens dries quickly in contrast to the ballpoint pens which dry much slower and can easily smear inside the ballot counting machine. Please review the following video for clarification:



Tue, Aug 9th from 5pm - 7pm!

LD2’s next Happy Hour will be on Aug 9th from 5-7pm.  As a way to introduce our group to the community, attract more people to LD2 Democrats, and in support of local businesses in our LD, your LD2 Board has scheduled another Happy Hour this time visiting State 48 Rock House, 2530 W Happy Valley Rd, Unit 1269. Attend early to enjoy some appetizers care of your LD2 Democrats.

Scheduled to attend will be our LD2 Candidates: Rep Judy Schwiebert and Jeanne Casteen along with at least three of our wonderful CAP Water Board candidates. You never know who else might attend since the Primary will be over. No formal presentations, just a way to mingle and “feed your mind” with information and sign the Repeal HB2853 voucher petition.

We need volunteers to help us with distributing our flyer invitations (don’t need to speak to people) as we “drop” our flyer at the doors of voters in the Taro and Blackhawk precincts. It’s a great way to get in your steps. We will dropping flyers on Aug 5th (evening), Aug 6th, and Aug 7th.

We really need your help.

Contact Meg Patel at 602-741-2373 to sign up for the lit drop and/or to attend the Happy Hour event.


You’ve probably heard the phrase: “signs don’t vote,” but I think it helps in a subliminal way. The campaign is looking for volunteers who can help with installing street signs for our candidates. These signs are the larger ones which involve pounding rebar into the ground. If you can assist with pick-up and/or installation, please contact Mary Fortney at: mfortney@azdem.org

Candidate yard signs will be available at the LD meetings and other on-site events. Want to make phone calls, write postcards, or help with canvassing?

Please contact our LD2 Campaign Organizer, Taylor Nelson, who will be able to plug you into the right opportunity where you can get involved; she can be reached at 515-822-4022 or tnelson@azdem.org.

Special highlight of upcoming events:

  • 07/30 – Canvass from 9:30am-noon at Acoma Park, 14421 N 39th Ave. Meet ADP Chair and State Senator Raquel Teran
  • 08/03 – Postcard Party from 5-7:30pm, Location provided upon RSVP
  • 08/04 – Evening Canvass from 5-7:30pm at Tortoise Tea House, 2418 E Greenway Road
  • 08/05 – Evening Canvass from 5-7:30pm at Tortoise Tea House, 2418 E Greenway Road

For a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, please use the button below.



Have an extra room and/or a bedroom? Can you help with providing supporter housing for an out-of-state person working on the LD2 campaign? If you can help out, please contact Mary Fortney at: mfortney@azdem.org


You can now order LD2 business cards at $30/box of 100 cards & name badges at $15/badge. We are using J & R Printing (a Union Printer in Phoenix) for our needs. As was demonstrated during the July LD2 meeting, please visit this link to submit and pay for your order: http://azld2dems.org/order/

We should have them ready in time for pickup at the August LD2 meeting. If you have any issues with ordering them, please contact Whit at whit@azld2dems.org


Remember when Prop 305 was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters in 2018? Unfortunately, the AZ Legislature voted to effectively dismantle public education by passing HB2853 Universal ESA Voucher Expansion. We’ve proven in the past how those of us who believe in properly funding public education can mobilize and do what needs to be done. To that end, we must collect 118,823 valid signatures before September 24, 2022 to stop universal ESA voucher expansion from going into effect. This referendum will then go on the Nov 2024 ballot where AZ voters can reject it once and for all.

At the August LD meeting, we will be bringing this petition for PCs to check out their own petition so that they can collect signatures from their neighbors.

To learn more, visit www.teamsosarizona.com


Mission for Arizona has a Voter Assistance Hotline. The line is currently staffed with limited hours, but they will be ramping up as we get closer to the general election. They are looking for volunteers to help staff this Hotline. This is a great way to help and can be done from your home. Sign up HERE to volunteer for the Hotline.  

You can volunteer to be a Poll Observer – where you need to sign-up for training ahead of time with Mission for Arizona HERE.  


You can be a paid poll worker for the primary and/or general election by applying online with the Maricopa County Elections Department.


Make sure you do your part, if you are able. At the very least, make sure you vote and tell your friends to do the same.


If you are distraught by what’s going on in AZ with respect to a woman’s right to choose, then contact www.abortionfundofaz.org if you want to help them out. This group provides direct assistance to people seeking abortion care in AZ. They view the right to abortion as a fundamental human right, essential for equality, health, and dignity.


You may wonder, what do we do with these funds? Since this is the first year we’ve been LD2 and now that we have our new logo, we need to create new marketing material. In addition to paying for our new meeting location, during this cycle, we will be making it easier for voters in our district to “get out the vote” (aka: GOTV) by crafting campaign literature. Are you a recurring donor to LD2? If not, it’s fast and easy and you will be automatically entered to win a gift card for your recurring donation? 

Anyone can donate - you don’t have to live in LD2.

How about $22 for LD2 in 2022?

If you have any questions, please contact LD2 Treasurer Truly Bone at Treasurer@azld2dems.org

Easy-peasy with the button below!



Aug 2: Primary Election Day, 6AM-7PM


Aug 7: Fundraiser with AZ Democratic Party

5-6PM via zoom

ADP is partnering with Whose Line Is It Anyway? for a virtual fundraiser. RSVP by emailing: mtang@azdem.org


Aug 9: LD2 Happy Hour at State48

in the Norterra Section, 5-7PM

You never know who will attend our LD2 Happy Hour – we will be inviting several candidates. If you’d like to assist with placing our flyer at doors of voters in the Taro and Blackhawk precincts, please contact 1st Vice Chair: Meg Patel at 602-741-2373


Aug 13: Campaign Launch Event & School Supply Drive

Moon Valley Park, 9am-noon

Official campaign launch for Kyle Clayton for WESD Governing Board. Teacher supply drive including pencils, sanitizer, tissues, and other supplies for donation. Local Ice Cream truck, iced coffee, and water. https://facebook.com/events/s/campaign-launch-event/1120268112200096/


Aug 17: LD2 Monthly Meeting at Paradise Valley Community College Conference Center, 6:30PM

LD2 is holding their monthly meeting at the PVCC Conference Center (17811 N 32nd St) on August 17th at 6:30pm.

This will be our “Back to School” themed meeting where we will hear more in depth from our Democratic school board candidates running throughout LD2.

The PVCC Conf Center is located off 32nd St, just South of Grovers. You’ll see a separate parking lot from the main campus.

Agenda will be sent to PCs in advance of the meeting.

Reminder: LD 2 has resumed our monthly food drive to be donated to a local Food Bank. Please bring your non-perishable donated items. We will also be collecting non-perishable pet food. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Paradise Valley USD – District Administrative Center / 15002 N 32nd St; Phoenix – Typically the first and third Thursday of the month. Governing Board | Paradise Valley Unified School District (pvschools.net)

Deer Valley USD – 20402 N 15th Ave; Phoenix – Typically the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Governing Board / Governing Board (dvusd.org)

Glendale Union High School District – 7650 N 43rd Ave; Glendale – Typically the first and third Wednesday of the month. Meeting Dates 2021-2022 - GUHSD (guhsdaz.org)

Washington Elementary School District – 4650 W Sweetwater Ave; Glendale – Typically the second and fourth Thursday of the month. In-person seating will be limited to 40 people. Meetings are live streamed.

Governing Board / Governing Board Meeting Schedule (wesdschools.org)

2022 IS HERE!

A recurring monthly donation of $5, $10, or more to AZ LD2 Democrats will go a long way toward helping us finish the job of turning Arizona blue!
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