Our next in-person hybrid meeting will be this Wednesday, Sep 21st at 6:30pm at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) Conference Center (parking lot at: 32nd St and Grovers). We’re calling this month’s meeting our “Environmental” meeting where we will hear from both of our Corporation Commission candidates: Commissioner Sandra Kennedy running for re-election and ASU Senior Global Futures Scientist Lauren Kuby. They can share with us the stark differences between themselves and their Republican opponents. The Corporation Commission debate has already occurred, but if you want to listen to this debate visit HERE.

We will also hear from Jim Pederson, one of our four Democratic candidates running for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District. We’ll also hear from our retired school teachers and great candidates: Representative Judy Schwiebert who is running for re-election and AZ Senate candidate Jeanne Casteen

Pizza and Postcards event BEFORE our September meeting from 5PM-6PM – see next section.

Special petition notary AFTER our Sep meeting from 8PM-8:30PM only! Attend early to get your Repeal HB2853 petition notarized and collected by LD2 Secretary, Rivko Knox. Meet your neighbors, talk with candidates, and grab a cookie (but please bring your own non-alcoholic drink).

Please make sure to bring your non-perishable food & pet food to the meeting where we are continuing our food drive collections to the PV Food Bank. We will be doing this at all of our monthly meetings because at LD2 we care about all of our neighbors. 

Don’t forget to register for the meeting if you will be listening via Zoom and remember, if you are visiting us for the first time, we are at: 17811 N 32nd St. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone.


Pizza and postcards - What a combination! We will be hosting a working event just before the LD2 meeting on Wednesday, September 21st. We will be affixing a label, stamp, and brief message to our postcards. Make sure you bring your favorite pen and a non-alcoholic beverage. Help us with our 20,000+ single shot postcards and get some pizza for your efforts. However, in order to participate and ensure we have enough pizza, you must contact Meg at 602-741-2373 (text) no later than Tuesday at 5pm.


Our three LD2 Sign Depots are OPEN! You can pick-up yard signs for some of your favorite Democratic candidates including Adrian Fontes, Kris Mayes, Julie Gunnigle, Jevin Hodge, Judy Schwiebert, Jeanne Casteen, and more. Contact your nearest depot location to schedule a time to pick them up.

  • East section of LD2: Janet Wilson - 602-432-7796
  • West side of LD2: Rivko Knox – 602-942-6436
  • North side of LD2: Meg Patel – 602-741-2373

Yard signs are a very effective way to show your neighbors who you support. Sometimes it’s a great conversation starter. Do your part to help our candidates! 


Learn The First Steps

Are you interested in becoming a Deputy Registrar to help register voters? Do you want to learn about the first steps? The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office is conducting two Intro classes (just select one) via Zoom.


Get Trained

Help with ensuring our elections proceed without incident. Become a Poll Observer and get trained. Trainings are

conducted Mon, Wed, and Thursdays from 5-6:30PM



Have you been wanting to help our LD2 Candidates with canvassing, but were afraid to ask? The LD2 Candidate Campaign has created some fun opportunities to learn and help our candidates by being paired up with an experienced organizer. Each of the LD2 Organizers is available in the evening Monday to Friday from 4-7pm to work with you individually to erase any trepidation you may have. To sign-up, visit the mobilize link found below.

For those of you with the gift of gab and like to phone bank, there are several opportunities to help out even if you don’t live in AZ. Please contact our LD2 Campaign Organizer, Taylor Nelson, who will be able to plug you into the right opportunity where you can get involved; she can be reached at 515-822-4022 or tnelson@azdem.org.

Special highlight of upcoming events:

09/17 – Canvass with special guest Jevin Hodge, Candidate for CD1 from 9am - noon, meet at Buffalo Ridge Park, 19250 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85024.

Talk with persuadable voters in the surrounding precincts

For a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, please use the button below.



Last week to help out. Here’s another way to help until Sep 22nd: VOLUNTEER

Are you doing your part and collecting signatures to stop HB2853? There are only two weekends left to collect signatures and have the petition notarized. We must collect 118,823 valid signatures before September 24, 2022 to stop universal ESA voucher expansion from going into effect. This referendum will then go on the Nov 2024 ballot where AZ voters can reject it once and for all.

To learn more, visit www.teamsosarizona.com


“Women across the US are under siege. Every day, their ability to make decisions about their own bodies, health, reproduction, sexuality, and childbirth is under attack.”, Civia Tamarkin, Director of Birthright: A War Story. 

Personally, the fact that we have been moving backwards is unnerving to think about. It should enrage and engage every woman who thinks they and only they should have control over their own body. Civia Tamarkin has put together information & talking points to help all of us when discussing this topic with your friends and/or when knocking on doors.



2022 Digital Toolkit 

This is why in November 2022, we MUST vote for reproductive freedoms and it is imperative we elect Kris Mayes for Attorney General and Julie Gunnigle for Maricopa County Attorney.

Do your part to regulate abortion disinformation by urging our US Congress and US Senators to pass the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation (SAD) Act (S.4469). MORE INFO


MCDP is going to start an organizing training program for young volunteers, “MCDP Young Organizers Change Makers 2022”, beginning in September. No prior campaign experience required. Please forward the link to any high school or college aged student you know who may be interested in growing their skills related to canvassing, phone banking, and field organizing. This program will focus on improving people’s communication with voters to ensure those voters vote up and down the ballot. 

The application can be found HERE.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through Sept 20th. Questions? Contact careers@maricopadems.org


Our LD2 PC Erica Connell made me aware of an opportunity for those of you already on Facebook. There is a group called: “Arizona Education Community” run by the AZ Republic with over 2000 members.

This public group might provide an additional source of info for those interested in the state of AZ’s Education system.


Our LD2 PC Ginger Lane who is also with the Communications Workers of America made us aware of the Affordable Connectivity Program to help connect families and households struggling to afford internet service. Please share this vital information. To find out more about the program and to determine eligibility, visit: https://www.fcc.gov/acp


You can now order LD2 business cards at $30/box of 100 cards & name badges at $15/badge. We are using J & R Printing (a Union Printer in Phoenix) for our needs. As was demonstrated during the July LD2 meeting, please visit this link to submit and pay for your order: http://azld2dems.org/order/

If you have any issues with ordering them, please contact Whit at whit@azld2dems.org


If you’re reading this newsletter, you know the importance of voting in all elections and understand the process. However, not all of our LD2 neighbors do, so one of the uses of our funds is for the purpose of creating literature and mailers to help educate the voters of LD2 about the importance of elections – especially down ballot local races. Consider becoming a recurring donor to LD2 and you will be automatically entered to win a gift card for your recurring donation! 

Anyone can donate - you don’t have to live in LD2.

How about $22 for LD2 in 2022?

If you have any questions, please contact LD2 Treasurer Truly Bone at Treasurer@azld2dems.org

Easy-peasy with the button below!





Civic Engagement Beyond Voting happy hours are back for the election season!

Join them on Zoom every Sunday at 4pm for camaraderie, trainings, and phone banking.




Sep 17: Annual MCDP Champagne Brunch fundraiser, Carpenter’s Hall, 4547 W McDowell Rd, 10AM-noon

Please join MCDP for a champaign brunch fundraiser where we will meet our County candidates along with special guest: MN Attorney General Keith Ellison.



Sep 17: AZ Democratic Party State Committee Meeting, on Zoom, noon-3pm


State Committee members – please don’t forget to give your proxy to someone who is attending if you can’t make it.



Sep 18: Vote YES on 211 Car Window Painting, Foothills Rec and Aquatic Center, 5600 W Union Hills, Glendale, 8AM-11AM

Get your car painted with “Vote YES on 211” (the Stop Dark Money ballot measure number). You can also bring your voucher petitions to be notarized. Can also find updates on the Stop Dark Money Facebook page.


Sep 21: LD2 Monthly Hybrid Meeting at Paradise Valley Community College Conference Center, 6:30PM

Confirmed to-date we have: Commissioner Sandra Kennedy seeking re-election to the Corporation Commission and Lauren Kuby also running for Corporation Commission. Also confirmed is: Jim Pederson seeking election to the CAWCD Board. We will hear how vital it is to get these candidates elected. The PVCC Conf Center is located off 32nd St, just South of Grovers. You’ll see a separate parking lot from the main campus. Agenda will be sent to PCs in advance of the meeting.


Reminder: LD 2 has resumed our monthly food drive to be donated to a local Food Bank. Please bring your non-perishable donated items. We will also be collecting non-perishable pet food.


Sep 22: Elections Education Seminar, online, 2-3:30PM

Learn more about the General Election. Elections experts will provide information on the upcoming General Election and share what the Special Elections Board does and what accessible voting services are provided to the voting community. Includes interactive Q& panel discussion.



Sep 22: Secretary of State Debate, online via YouTube or AZ PBS, 5-6PM

Cheer on Adrian Fontes during the debate with disgraced Mark Finchem. You can watch them on YouTube or AZ PBS. To see the debate schedule and provide Citizens Clean Elections Commission with a question, CLICK HERE.


Sep 27: Blue Tuesday Luncheon Forum, on Zoom, noon-1:30PM

Speakers include: Election attorney Paul Weich to explain the ballot measures and US Congressional District 1 candidate: Jevin Hodge. Follow them on Twitter: @bluetuesforum. To sign up, send email to: bluetuesdayluncheon@gmail.com.


Sep 28: Attorney General Debate, online via YouTube or AZ PBS, 5-6PM

Cheer on Kris Mayes during the debate with Abraham Hamadeh. You can watch them on YouTube or AZ PBS. To see the debate schedule and provide Citizens Clean Elections Commission with a question, CLICK HERE.


Oct 11: Last Day to Register to Vote!!!

Spread the word – Oct 11th is the last day to register to vote.


Paradise Valley USD – District Administrative Center / 15002 N 32nd St; Phoenix – Typically the first and third Thursday of the month. Governing Board | Paradise Valley Unified School District (pvschools.net)

Deer Valley USD – 20402 N 15th Ave; Phoenix – Typically the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Governing Board / Governing Board (dvusd.org)

Glendale Union High School District – 7650 N 43rd Ave; Glendale – Typically the first and third Wednesday of the month. Meeting Dates 2021-2022 - GUHSD (guhsdaz.org)

Washington Elementary School District – 4650 W Sweetwater Ave; Glendale – Typically the second and fourth Thursday of the month. In-person seating will be limited to 40 people. Meetings are live streamed.

Governing Board / Governing Board Meeting Schedule (wesdschools.org)

A recurring monthly donation of $5, $10, or more to AZ LD2 Democrats will go a long way toward helping us finish the job of turning Arizona blue!

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