Do you ever feel like our elections are like gambling? We’re not exactly sure what kind of hand we will be dealt with our current Republican controlled legislature – will they spin the wheel and decide to fund public vouchers? We’re unsure if women who want to exercise their right to their own reproductive healthcare will have to flip a coin to see if they will be prosecuted. We’re not sure if controversial books which stimulate young minds and provide them a chance to think will be allowed in the classrooms. 

Come time in August and November, we need to make sure we vote for DEMOCRATS for all of our races. Starting with the school boards and up to the top offices, we need to get these folks elected to all of our open positions. Our 2022 elections are your chance to make sure all Arizonans win by voting for all Democrats. Vote like your life depends on it because it does!

We know that our LD2 business cards will be $30 for a box of 100 cards using J & R Printing (a Union Printer in Phoenix). We are working out the kinks for ordering these cards from our website and should have this all worked out before the next newsletter. Thanks for everyone’s feedback. I can’t wait to order mine! 😊


Want to get more involved in the elections process during this election cycle? There are many ways to do so, and we need Dems to fill these roles! 

Maricopa County is in the process of hiring for 2300 temporary positions, from poll workers on election day, to assisting with early voting, to ballot processing after election day, and much more! It's a great way to better understand our voting system, and get paid. APPLY HERE 

MCDP is looking for election observers for the primary and general elections. A new high school program has started, too. Contact our secretary, Rivko Knox, if you are interested.


I’m happy to report of the following Voter Initiatives will be filing today (July 7th) at the AZ Secretary of State’s office:

  • AZ Fair Elections – will be submitting more than twice the required number of signatures
  • Voters’ Right to Know Act (some of you know this as Outlaw Dirty Money which our Rivko Knox worked tirelessly on getting signatures)
  • Predatory Debt Collection Act (some might know this as Healthcare Rising AZ) – will be submitting more than twice the required number of signatures

And, herein lies why we need to help our LD2 Candidates!


You’ve seen the January 6th hearings, you’ve met our LD2 candidates, you’ve got to figure out a way to help. Read below to pick one or more activities to help with the candidates.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Post a candidate yard sign at your home to show your support
  • Make phone calls
  • Write postcards
  • Knock on neighborhood doors (canvass)
  • Drive a door knocker, which is especially important in the summer (canvass event)
  • Host a house party with your neighbors

Please contact our LD2 Campaign Organizer, Taylor Nelson, who will be able to find just the right opportunity where you can get involved; she can be reached at 515-822-4022 or tnelson@azdem.org.

A small sampling:

  • 07/09 from 9:30am-noon – Canvass, meet at Buffalo Ridge Park, 19250 N 16th St
  • 07/09 from 3-5pm – Virtual Phone Bank
  • 07/10 from 3-5pm – Postcard Party, meet at private home in zip code 85018
  • 07/11 from 5:30-7:30pm – Evening Canvass, meet at Deer Valley Park, 19602 N 19th Ave
  • 07/16 from 9am-noon – Canvass, meet at Mission for AZ, 2841 E Bell Rd

For a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, please use the button below.



Can you help us with our social media? Are you a pro with posting to Twitter? What about other social media apps? We are looking for individuals who can help us with Tweeting news & events pertaining to LD2 – can you help us out? You don’t have to be a PC. Do you have a student who needs Community Service hours? Please contact Chair, Janet Wilson at wilsonjanet@hotmail.com to get involved.


Human interaction is good for the mind and the soul. I’d like to see us expand our reach by providing different options to engage not only our PCs but the general community with the formation of selected types of LD2 Dems clubs. One particular club which comes to mind is a Book Club. If you are interested in being a member of this club and/or have a recommendation for a different club, please contact Chair, Janet Wilson at wilsonjanet@hotmail.com The only bad ideas are ones which you hold onto yourself and don’t share.



You may wonder, what do we do with these funds? Since this is the first year we’ve been LD2 and now that we have our new logo, we need to create new marketing material. In addition to paying for our new meeting location, during this cycle, we will be making it easier for voters in our district to “get out the vote” (aka: GOTV) by crafting campaign literature. Are you a recurring donor to LD2? If not, it’s fast and easy and you will be automatically entered to win a gift card for your recurring donation? 

Anyone can donate - you don’t have to live in LD2. How about $22 for LD2 in 2022?

If you have any questions, please contact LD2 Treasurer Truly Bone at Treasurer@azld2dems.org

Easy-peasy with the button below!



Do you want to see what your ballot will look like? Enter your personal information to receive a customized ballot. Check your status and details at beballotready.vote

Track Your Ballot

Receive ballot updates via text and/or email! Text JOIN to 628-683. You'll receive notification when your ballot is mailed to you, when it is received back at Maricopa County Elections, and when it is signature verified and sent to be tabulated!

Share these dates and information with your family and friends. There is so much riding on this election, we need to Get Out the Vote like never before!


July 11: 2022 Legislative Session Wrap-Up with Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, 6-7PM via Zoom

Join the team with Civic Engagement Beyond Voting and hear about the bills that got through ad those that successfully failed due to your hard work. Meeting Registration - Zoom

July 11: AZ Capitol Times Meet the Candidates session via YouTube, 6-8PM

Meet and Greet event – can hear all of the candidates from LD’s 1 to 6. Submit questions. Hosted by AZ Capitol Times. SquadUP - Create an Event, Share an Experience

July 12 - 14: 2022 Indivisible Convention, 4-7PM via Zoom

Important training sessions with Indivisible organizations across the country. Learn recruitment best practices and how best to organize. From 4-7pm each night. Register here: 2022 Indivisible Convention! (zoom.us)

July 17: 2022 Legislative Session Wrap-Up with Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, 4-5PM via Zoom

Join the team with Civic Engagement Beyond Voting and hear about the bills that got through ad those that successfully failed due to your hard work. Repeat of July 11th session, Meeting Registration - Zoom


July 20: LD2 Monthly Meeting at Paradise Valley Community College Conference Center, 6:30PM

LD2 is holding their monthly meeting at the PVCC Conference Center (17811 N 32nd St) on June 15th at 6:30pm. This will be our third on-site, hybrid meeting. The PVCC Conf Center is located off 32nd St, just South of Grovers. You’ll see a separate parking lot from the main campus.

Agenda will be sent to PCs in advance of the meeting.

Reminder: LD 2 is starting a food drive to be donated to a local Food Bank. Please bring your non-perishable donated items. We will also be collecting non-perishable pet food. Looking forward to seeing everyone.



Paradise Valley USD – District Administrative Center / 15002 N 32nd St; Phoenix – Typically the first and third Thursday of the month. Governing Board | Paradise Valley Unified School District (pvschools.net)

Deer Valley USD – 20402 N 15th Ave; Phoenix – Typically the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Governing Board / Governing Board (dvusd.org)

Glendale Union High School District – 7650 N 43rd Ave; Glendale – Typically the first and third Wednesday of the month. Meeting Dates 2021-2022 - GUHSD (guhsdaz.org)

Washington Elementary School District – 4650 W Sweetwater Ave; Glendale – Typically the second and fourth Thursday of the month. Not open to the public, but meetings are live streamed. Governing Board / Governing Board Meeting Schedule (wesdschools.org)

2022 IS HERE!

A recurring monthly donation of $5, $10, or more to AZ LD2 Democrats will go a long way toward helping us finish the job of turning Arizona blue!
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