Could've • Would've • Should've

A few of us were fortunate enough to attend the President Obama rally on Wednesday evening at Cesar Chavez HS. Regardless of where one sat, all were lucky to listen to this great orator in person encourage all Arizonans to make a plan to Get Out To Vote (GOTV). Of course, he wasn’t speaking to those of us in the audience who have already turned in their ballot – he was appealing to our neighbors and friends who don’t think politics matter. Nothing can be further than the truth – this year’s mid-term election is too important to sit out because so much is at stake.

Therefore, this week’s feature is singing the “Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve blues”. The LD2 Campaign has been hitting it out of the park in terms of voter contacts (door knocks and phone calls), but we need MORE. We need EVERYONE to sign-up to ensure we get all of our Democrat & left-leaning Independent voters out to vote. There are GOTV canvasses scheduled at all times of the day from now and continuing on Election Day. We need drivers and canvassers. We also have opportunities to make calls to voters to ensure they make a plan to vote. Can you help retrieve some signs and reposition them at Vote Centers? If you can work on Election Day, there are Electioneering opportunities (see below section) at selected LD2 vote centers.

  • I should’ve signed up to drive a canvasser so that they can hit more doors.
  • I could’ve knocked on a few doors to introduce our neighbors to our great candidates now that the weather is comfortable.
  • Had I known how easy this work can be, I would’ve helped to make some calls.

Even if you haven’t helped all year - we need YOU now. Consider signing up for multiple time slots to help with this final stretch. Visit: https://www.mobilize.us/ld2democrats

Don’t make this time to sing the “Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve blues”, it’s too important to sit out!


Electioneering is like speed canvassing – you have to say your pitch in seconds as for the reasons to vote for Judy and Jeanne and usually try to give the voter our candidates’ campaign literature and lastly to thank them for voting. You get to do all of this while staying 75 feet from the polling entrance. However, not every vote center allows electioneering, but the campaign has identified key locations which allow this activity:

Standing Stones Community Church

28750 N North Valley Pkwy


Paradise Valley Community College

18401 N 32nd St


No Phx Baptist Church / PV Campus

16033 N 32nd St



With refreshed lists indicating voters who have received their ballots, but not turned them in yet, we are canvassing and calling folks every day and early evening. Here’s the final list of canvasses this weekend:

Special highlight of upcoming events:

  • 11/05 at 9:30AM – GOTV Canvass – Meet at Deer Valley Park, 19400 N 19th Ave. Talk with voters in the surrounding precincts SIGNUP

  • 11/05 at 1PM – GOTV Canvass – Meet at a location in the North section of LD2. Talk with voters in the surrounding precincts SIGNUP

  • 11/05 at 4PM – GOTV Canvass – Meet at Deer Valley Park, 19400 N 19th Ave. Talk with voters in the surrounding precincts SIGNUP

  • 11/06 at 11AM – GOTV Canvass – Meet at Deer Valley Park, 19400 N 19th Ave. Talk with voters in the surrounding precincts SIGNUP

  • 11/06 at 4PM – GOTV Canvass – Meet at Deer Valley Park, 19400 N 19th Ave. Talk with voters in the surrounding precincts SIGNUP

For a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities and events, visit: https://www.mobilize.us/ld2democrats/


Voting has begun with early vote centers and ballots have dropped. Visit our Election Guide on our website to help you complete your ballot: LD2 Website.

This website is tailored specifically for registered Democratic and Other like-minded voters in Legislative District 2.

Our Election Guide webpage currently includes the following:

  • Links to very useful election tools from the Maricopa County Recorder's office and others.

  • Proven election winning strategies like Single Shot.

  • A current election calendar showing the date ballots will be mailed, the last day to return them, and more.

  • A gallery of most every candidate you’ll see on your LD2 ballot (both Democrats and down ballot, like-mind, people running for other positions including the incredibly important school boards). This section includes links to the candidate’s websites and social media accounts. Don’t forget to donate to them or volunteer for them soon!

Please send this link azld2dems.org to all your LD2 friends and neighbors and ask them to do the same.


In Spring 2022, the Maricopa County Student Election Program launched for high school students (16 and older) to access an engaging election education program to raise their voter and civic awareness and inspire them to get involved in a fulfilling experience as a student Poll Worker. Students can learn how elections are conducted in the county, gain experience, and get paid for it. Plus, it looks appealing to place this experience on their resume. As the November 8, 2022 General Election quickly approaches, the Maricopa County Elections Department are encouraging students to apply today.


For those of you in the Paradise Valley Unified School District, please share THIS VIDEO on the three candidates. We heard from Kerry Baker at our Oct LD2 meeting who explained she is running for the two-year seat while Susan Matura and Tony Pantera are seeking the four-year seats. Be sure to vote for all three along with YES on the PV Schools Override.


Call this section our kitchen sink of Election Stats & Trivia for this year’s election…

  • It is too late to drop off your mail-in ballot in the mail (per the US Postal Service). You can bring it to any of the Voting Centers or the drop boxes – it doesn’t have to be in LD2! Visit Maricopa.vote to find a location.

  • As of 11/02 at 11:38AM, from the 1.94 Million early ballots requested, 821,622 have been received by the county with 774,000 signature verified

  • For all of the returns, we were trailing the prior mid-term election (2018), but we are quickly catching up to those numbers for turnout.

  • The Recorder’s Office has fielded 30,000 calls related to Elections. Likewise, they have received roughly 34,000 emails at the start of elections. Avg wait time for calls is two minutes. Avg turnaround time for the emails are an hour when sent during business hours.

  • Typically, the types of questions the recorder receives can be categorized as: 41% relate to early voting, 14% relate to voter registration, 14% relate to election day, 12% relate to different media, & remaining are for various categories.

  • Emergency voting begins at 5pm on Friday, Nov 4th until 7pm, Saturday Nov 5th from 9am-7pm, and Monday Nov 7th from 9am-5pm.

  • As of 11/02, they were 97% hired at the voting locations.

  • In our county, there are 223 Vote Centers with over 1,900 check-in stations (this is 400 more than we had in 2020), over 5,000 voting booths, over 675 Ballot on Demand Printers, and over 440 Vote Center tabulators.

  • According to the Recorders Office, the anticipation is that between 250,000 to 350,00 voters will turn out on Election Day


The county party is looking for 4-5 volunteers to help observe at MCTEC. Half-day and full-day shifts starting soon. Virtual training to be provided.



Get Paid

You can be a paid poll worker (several positions available) for the general election by applying online with the Maricopa County Elections Department.

There’s training is available online HERE.

Get involved and don’t sit on the sidelines!


We’ve received inquiries from some of our active volunteers who are not PCs but want to take advantage of this opportunity. By all means, please feel free to purchase these items and wear/use them proudly! We validate the information before sending them to the printer. You can order LD2 business cards at $30/box of 100 cards & name badges at $15/badge.

Please use this link to submit and pay for your order: http://azld2dems.org/order/ 

The turnaround is pretty quick.

If you have any issues with ordering them, please contact Whit at whit@azld2dems.org


If you’re reading this newsletter, you know the importance of voting in all elections and understand the process. However, not all of our LD2 neighbors do, so one of the uses of our funds is for the purpose of creating literature and mailers to help educate the voters of LD2 about the importance of elections – especially down ballot local races. Consider becoming a recurring donor to LD2 and you will be automatically entered to win a gift card for your recurring donation! 

Anyone can donate - you don’t have to live in LD2.

How about $22 for LD2 in 2022?

If you have any questions, please contact LD2 Treasurer Truly Bone at Treasurer@azld2dems.org

Easy-peasy with the button below!




Nov 15: Foothills Dems: Post-Election Unity and Thank You Get Together, 6-8PM

Foothills Democrats is having a Post-Election Unity & Thank You Get Together at The Holland Center, 34250 N 60th St, Scottsdale. Light snacks and beverages will be provided. RSVP to Elaine McGuire at mcguireelaine@hotmail.com or phone/text: 480-250-0646.


Nov 16: LD2 Monthly Meeting at Paradise Valley Community College Conference Center, 6:30PM

LD2 will hold their monthly meeting at the PVCC Conference Center (17811 N 32nd St) on November 16th at 6:30pm. Agenda TBD. The PVCC Conf Center is located off 32nd St, just South of Grovers. You’ll see a separate parking lot from the main campus. Agenda will be sent to PCs in advance of the meeting.

Reminder: LD 2 has resumed our monthly food drive to be donated to a local Food Bank. Please bring your non-perishable donated items. We will also be collecting non-perishable pet food. Be generous as this Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Meet your LD2 neighbors

Get informed

Get involved.


Nov 30: LD2 Biennial Reorganization Meeting, Zoom, 6:30PM

LD2 will hold our biennial reorganization meeting via zoom. Details forthcoming. Will be discussed at the Oct LD2 meeting. Think about how you might want to take the next step with your level of engagement. It takes an army. Questions? Send to: chair@azld2dems.org


Dec 9: LD2 Holiday Party, 5-9PM

LD2 PC Ron Owen has graciously offered to host this year’s LD2 Holiday Party. In year’s past, this has been a pot luck. More information will be provided during the Oct LD2 meeting.


Dec 10: MCDP Biennial Reorganization Meeting

Hold the date! Elected PCs will vote for the MCDP Executive Board.


Paradise Valley USD – District Administrative Center / 15002 N 32nd St; Phoenix – Typically the first and third Thursday of the month. Governing Board | Paradise Valley Unified School District (pvschools.net)

Deer Valley USD – 20402 N 15th Ave; Phoenix – Typically the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Governing Board / Governing Board (dvusd.org)

Glendale Union High School District – 7650 N 43rd Ave; Glendale – Typically the first and third Wednesday of the month. Meeting Dates 2021-2022 - GUHSD (guhsdaz.org)

Washington Elementary School District – 4650 W Sweetwater Ave; Glendale – Typically the second and fourth Thursday of the month. In-person seating will be limited to 40 people. Meetings are live streamed.

Governing Board / Governing Board Meeting Schedule (wesdschools.org)

A recurring monthly donation of $5, $10, or more to AZ LD2 Democrats will go a long way toward helping us finish the job of turning Arizona blue!

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