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Spring Apparel Sale:

LCSA Spring Apparel Store is now OPEN! 

Check out the 2024 Spring Apparel that is now available. There are ALOT of new items that you need to see.

~Shirts ~Hoodies ~Jackets ~Hats ~Blankets

***The newest item is a LCSA Mug!

All items are now available until March 23, 2024.

To start shopping, Click Here!

All orders will be completed and shipped to you by April 11, 2024.

Breakfast Time:

For a limited time, LCSA just got deliciously better!

On Sundays, from now until March 24th, breakfast will be available in the clubhouse. Regular breakfast food will be served. Menu is subject to change from Sunday to Sunday.

When: Sundays, Until March 24, 2024

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Cost: $9.99

Easter Sunday Hours:

The clubhouse counter will be closed on Sunday March 31, 2024 due to the Easter holiday. The club is still open to members. Normal hours (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) will resume Sunday April 7th.

Club Bulletin Board:

Make sure to check out the bulletin board. In addition to the Buy, Sell, Trade information, you may find members information who do custom gun work/alterations or gunsmithing.

SASP PA State Match:

LCSA is holding the PA State Match for SASP (Scholastic Action Shooting Program). The Upper Pistol Bays will be closed: May 24- Set up, May 25 & 26 - Matches.

2024 Rust Belt Regional Championship:

The Upper Pistol Bays and Indoor Pistol Range will be closed for the Rust Belt Regional Championship. Set up will start the week of 5/28- 5/31. Matches will be held June 1-2.

Falling Steel World Series:

The Upper Pistol Bays will be closed July 5-7 for the 2024 Falling Steel World Series. More information to come.

Area 8 SCSA Championship:

The Upper Pistol Bays will be closed for the Area 8 set up :July 21-24

Upper Pistol Bays and Indoor Range will be closed for Matches: July 25-28

Clay Target Increase:

Due to cost increase from Whiteflyer, our clay target supplier. We will be implementing a price increase effective March 1, 2024. This target increase will affect all clay shooting sports at the club.

Please Clean Up:

Please clean up any mess that you make, there are numerous garbage cans and brooms placed around club grounds for this purpose.

Indoor .22 Rifle Shoots:

This is the last month for the Indoor .22 Rifle Shoots on Monday nights. The last night will be March 25, 2024. The .22 Rifle Shoots are made up of 5 shooting events. Members and Non-members are welcome to join in on the fun. More information below under "Events".

Bullseye Target Shooting:

Pistol group at LCSA.

At this time the group will continue shooting in the Indoor Pistol Range until the day light extends later into the evening hours. Once there is more daylight the group is planning to continue outdoors Bullseye (Precision Pistol) shooting in the Pistol Bays (20 yds, 25 yds, or 50 yds)

The group is planning to add a relay at the end of the evening for slow-fire centerfire pistol practice during the second week of March.

The group meets on Wednesday evenings. NRA 50 foot pistol targets will be used for slow, time, and rapid fire controlled by the range officer.

The group is currently having Bullseye practices. Any member wishing to learn how to shoot Bullseye or increase their skill at shooting Bullseye are welcome to shoot with the group. We have a mix of Guy and Gal shooters.

If you are a beginner or seasoned bullseye (precision pistol) target shooter and would like to join the group please email Dewey Minteer at or call 724-758-5102 and leave a message.

The rules can be read by Clicking Here!

2024 Varmint Shoots:

Varmint shoots start next month, look below for the 2024 Schedule.

Ammo for Sale:

We have 12 gauge shotgun shells for sale. They are available on Sundays only from

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.. Shell information below:

Ammo Type: RC Shotgun Ammo

Gauge: 12 gauge

Quantity: Flat of ammo (10 Boxes)

Members Price: $100 plus tax

Non-member Price: $110 plus tax

Club Reminders:

Buy, Sell, Trade: Looking to down size or add to your collection? In search of something specific? Members are able to post items on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.

Make sure to check it out, you never know what you might find!

Rifle Range Guest Policy:  Rifle Range Guests, who are shooting, are permitted on Sundays ONLY from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Members may only bring 2 guests at a time per day. Guests need to be registered at the clubhouse counter before proceeding down to the range. The first 2 guests per year per member are $10 each. Subsequent guests after the initial 2 of the year are $25 per guest per day. Any member violating the guest policy is subject to loss of membership privileges.

Junior Members becoming an Adult Member: 

The month a Junior Member turns 18 years old, and wishes to continue their membership, they are eligible to become an Adult Members. They will need to complete/submit an application and attend a 'New Member Meeting'. The $100 initiation fee is waived, however there will be the fees for the Membership and key card. * Please add a note on the completed application that they are transferring from a Junior Member to an Adult Member.

Upcoming Events:

*For more future events check out the Club's Event Calendar HERE

March General Membership Meeting:

Scheduled for Tuesday, March 20, 2024 @ 7:00 p.m.

*Sign in Starts at 6:00 p.m. at the clubhouse counter

Board of Directors meeting held after the Membership Meeting.

Skeet, Trap, 5-Stand & Indoor Pistol Range Orientation:

March Orientation will be held on March 24, 2024 @ 10:00 a.m.

*Sign in starts at 9:30 a.m. at the clubhouse counter.

2024 Rust Belt Regional Championship

This is a Tier 3 Match. There will be 11 stages with an approximate round count of 180.

There will be one low light stage indoors so plan accordingly.

Divisions: SSP, ESP, CDP, CCP, PCC, BUG, REV & CO

Classes: DM, MA, EX, SS, MM & NV

Lunch will be provided after the match at the time of awards.

More information about the event or to register can be done on Practiscore or CLICK HERE!

When: June 1-2, 2024

Where: LCSA

Match Fee: $125.00

Area 8 SCSA Championship:

Welcome to The Precision Defense Area 8 Steel Challenge Championship.

All thirteen USPSA Steel Challenge divisions will be shot at the match.

All eight stages will be available including a sight-in bay.

Lunch will be available Saturday afternoon for $10 but will be free with 4 guns entered, proceeds go to the LCYG Range Racer SASP Team. It will be a pulled pork or beef sandwich with chips and pop.

The entry fee for ALL guns for ALL competitors, regardless of age, is $70.00 per gun. Enter 4 guns and lunch is free on Saturday. You pay the entry fee at the time of registration and we'll immediately approve you for squadding. You are responsible for squadding your entries. You can shoot any gun during any flight.

Awards will be given Sunday shortly after the last flight, there will be trophies and medals.

For more information or to register check out Practiscore or Click Here!

When: July 25-28, 2024

Where: LCSA

Match Fee: $70 per gun

Christopher Hulbert Memorial Fundraiser Shoot:

Open to LCSA Members & Non-Members

When: April 13, 2024

Time: 8:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

-$100 per individual shooter (Includes lunch, drinks, and cart), teams of 4 only ($400 per registrations)

-Pre Registration Available

-Must have shotgun (12-gauge or 20 gauge), shells, safety glasses, hearing protection and gloves.

-Some ammo will be available for purchase day of the event

~50/50 Raffle ~Silent Auction ~Raffle

Sponsorships available.

Registration the day of the events opens at 8:00 a.m.

For more information or to Register, Click Here!

Howard Hanna's "Clays for Kids" Shoot:

Open to LCSA Members & Non-Members

Howard Hanna is raising money for Children's Hospital Free Care Fund

"Rain or Shine"

When: May 4, 2024

Registration: 8:00 a.m.

Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

Cost: $125 per participant ($100 deposit per team to secure position)

-Four Person Teams

-20 Team Field Max.

-Must provide your own shotgun and ammo (7 1/2 to 9 shot only)

Participants receive:

-Free Cart Rental for team

-Safety glasses

-Ear plugs

-Lunch and Beverages

Raffles, Drawings, 50/50 and MORE!

Registration Forms and fliers can be found inside the LCSA Clubhouse

For more information or to Register contact:

Sam Angelucci: 724-624-0080 or

c/o Howard Hanna, 1401 W. Main Street, Grove City, PA 16127


The Bowhunters 3D Course and other targets near the Archery Tower are still up for anyone still wanting to shoot.

The LCSA Archery "Omega Twang Gang" Group have started shooting on Tuesday nights at Connoquenessing Valley Bowman (Indoor Archery Range) in Fombell, PA.

Contact Earl Cowher: 724-510-5808, if you are planning on attending the shoot or have questions.

When: Tuesdays @ 6:00 p.m.

Where: Connoquenessing Valley Bowman

295 Fombell Rd.

Fombell, PA 16123

Cost: $5.00 per shooter (Junior Shooters are free)

All experience levels and bows are welcome.

No Broadheads please.

Sporting Clays Events:

( March - April - May - June - July )


March 29 @ 9AM - 1PM: Good Friday Sporting Clays Shoot


April 13 @ 8AM - 2PM: Christopher Hulbert Memorial Sporting Clays Fundraiser Shoot

April 20 @ 8AM - 2PM: Beaver Valley Young Life Sporting Clays Fundraiser

April 28 @ 11AM - 3PM: SCTP: Western PA CUP Sporting Clays Shoot.


May 4 @ 8AM - 1PM: HH Free Care Fund Sporting Clays Fundraiser

May 17 @ 12PM - 7PM: Great Trails Council Sporting Clays Fundraiser


No Scheduled Shoots


July 20 7AM - 2PM: American Woodcock Society Sporting Clays Shoot

*All scheduled Sporting Clays Events will be on the Sporting Clays Course, and Golf carts will not be available outside of the event until after the shoot, unless noted otherwise.

**Scheduled events can change at any time. To see updates check out the LCSA Event Calendar.

Varmint Shoots:

2024 Dates Announced!

When/Where: 7:00 a.m. at the Rifle Range

Registration Fee: $12

1-300 yard shoots:

April 20

May 4

July 6

September 7

2-400 yard shoots:

June 1

August 3

October 5

3-500 yard shoots:

May 19

June 30

July 28

August 18

September 22

Bullseye League:

Indoor Pistol Group at LCSA, looking to continue outdoors once the days turn longer.

When: Wednesdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27

Time: 6:00 PM

Where: LCSA Indoor Pistol Range

Any shooters interested or have questions contact Dewey Minteer at or call 724-758-5102 and leave a message.

Indoor Range .22 Rifle Shoot:

When: Monday Nights, March 4, 11, 18, 25

Time: 7:00 PM

Where: Indoor Pistol Range

– Members and non-members are welcome to participate

– Bring your own ammo

– Any safe .22 lr rifle is permitted

– Hearing and eye protection is required for all shooters

– No limitations on scopes, trigger pull, barrel size or stocks


Depending on the number of participants, shooters may be assigned a relay for the evening. Relays will have an equal number of shooters, or as near as possible. All shooting will be done from the 50 foot firing line. Targets will be furnished by the club. Fee is $10 for the evening. $5 of the fee will be returned to the shooters. For safety, the firing line will be called and all shooters must obey loading and firing commands.

Event #1 – Aspirin shoot:

For the first 20 minutes or so, we will shoot at standard aspirin tablets. For the next 20 minutes or so, we will shoot at baby aspirin tablets. Each shooter will place a quarter (quarters are in addition to the $10 evening fee) in the quarter board number that corresponds to their shooting lane. All quarters per relay will be divided among those shooters who hit their aspirin. If no one hits, the quarters for that relay roll over to the next relay, and so on, until at least one aspirin is hit, One shot per shooter in each relay.

Event #2 – Dartboard target:

Each shooter will be given a dartboard target at the beginning of the evening. Shooters shall write their name on their target prior to shooting. Each shooter will shoot 5 shots at their dartboard target when their relay is called to the line. $1 per shooter in each relay will be returned to the shooter with the highest score for that relay. Any shots “cutting” a line will be scored to the higher value.

Event #3 – Poker Target:

Each shooter will be given a target consisting of 52 poker deck playing cards. Shooters shall write their name on their target prior to shooting. Each shooter will shoot 5 shots at their poker target when their relay is called to the line. $1 per shooter in each relay will be returned to the shooter with the best poker hand for that relay. Only one shot per individual poker card will be scored for that card. Any shot cutting two cards will be scored for the higher card.

Event #4 – Bullseye Targets:

Each shooter will be given a target consisting of 5 bullseye targets, numbered 0-4. Shooters shall write their name on their target prior to shooting. Each shooter will shoot one shot at each of the 5 bullseye targets. When all shooting is complete for this event, a numbered ball will be drawn. Balls are numbered 0-4. The bullseye target number corresponding to the drawn ball number is the target that will be scored. High score for each relay will receive $1 per shooter for that relay.

Event #5 – High/Low Blind Target shoot:

Each shooter will be given a “blind” target at the beginning of the evening. Shooters shall write their name on each target prior to shooting. Shooters may not open their target until after shooting. Each shooter will shoot 3 shots at their “blind” target. $2 from every shooter for this event will be placed in the prize pool. After shooting, each target will be scored and the high and low scores will split the total prize money. Any shots “cutting” a line will be scored to the higher value. All 3 shots must hit the target; any shooter failing to hit the target 3 times will have their target disqualified.

IDPA Matches:

Weather Permitting: Check Practiscore for any cancelations

1st Sunday of the month.

Set up will be the morning of the match.

When: April 7, 2024

Sunday- Set up and Shoot

: 8:00 AM

Start 10:00 AM

Volunteers for set up and breakdown are greatly appreciated.

USPSA Matches:

2024 Dates Listed

Monthly Matches held at LCSA

When: April 12-13, 2024

Friday - Set Up

Saturday - Shoot

Register at the Indoor Pistol Range

Sign-up begins at 8:00 AM

First shots at 9:00 AM

2nd Gun start around 12 PM.

$20 for first gun, $10 for second

Steel Challenge- Upper Pistol Bays Closed:

When: March 15-16, 2024

Friday - Set Up

Saturday- Shoot

: 8:00 - 8:30 AM

Shooting begins at 9:00 AM

Fees: Shoot- $20 Second Gun- $10 Juniors- $5

*For more information on IDPA, USPSA & Steel Challenge Click Here!