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February 2020
Executive Director's Message - Jenny Berg
2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey

Our 2020 Compensation & Benefits Team has been diligently working to review, revise and enhance our 2020 survey so that it can be a highly useful resource for all nonprofits in our region. It is very important for nonprofits to document compensation practices and to show funders, foundations, grant-makers, and individual donors that salaries and benefits are competitive and justified. This survey will help you reach those goals.

  1. Regional data is very important to use as a benchmark
  2. 70+job descriptions (other surveys have much less)
  3. Includes both compensation AND benefits
  4. NEW in 2020 - enhancements to breakdowns of org size, gender, race
  5. It is ONLY for nonprofits
  6. Easy to complete - can get in/out easily
  7. FREE!

Look for your survey link from  erasurveys@hrexperts.org  which was sent on 2/10 to the CEO/ED and/or HR contact on file. If you didn’t get a link, but wish to participate, please email administration@leadershipcouncil.us and we can send you a link.
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Nonprofits - are you looking for board members?
It is important for our BOLD participants to observe a nonprofit board meeting before or during their BOLD class cycle. Opening up a board meeting to these participants can provide a great opportunity for you to:

  • raise the brand awareness of your nonprofit,
  • meet prospective board members,
  • and provide an opportunity to hear an “outside” perspective

If you are willing to allow this opportunity for 2-3 participants, thank you, and please share your 2020 board meeting calendar, and point of contact with bold@leadershipcouncil.org , we will follow up with you by mid March. Thank you for helping us build a diverse pipeline of educated, prepared and connected board leaders. We will also have an opportunity for you to mix and mingle with all of our BOLD #3 graduates at graduation on May 28.

BOLD Scholarships are available ! Would yo u like to better understand the roles of the board and how it affects your organization? Would you like to connect with other community leaders interested in serving in a board capacity? Would you like to advance your career? ( see Forbes Article on board service

Then BOLD is the program for you! Apply HERE for BOLD 3 class, beginning 4/23, weekly for 6 weeks. Still not sure? Join us 2/20 or 2/21 for a coffee to learn more before you apply- register HERE .
Events Calendar
Feb 19
Employee Compensation: 2020 Best Practices for Nonprofits and Comp & Benefits Survey Kickoff
Competitive compensation goes beyond straight salary. As nonprofit leaders know, investing in employees is crucial for attracting and retaining the best talent for complex nonprofit jobs. That’s why having a compensation strategy is essential. Join Deirdre Bird from VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm for this interactive session on how your organization can develop a compensation strategy to attract and retain talent. Click Here for More Information & to Register
Mar 5
Securing the Future Conference & Leadership Legacy Awards
This educational conference is designed to address the needs and concerns of board members and senior leadership. The keynote address "The Life You Lead is the Legacy You Leave" will be presented by Barry Posner, co-author of the award-winning and best-selling leadership book The Leadership Challenge. Following the keynote, participants will attend breakout sessions led by local speakers for a deeper dive into the keynote topic.  Click Here for More Information & to Register
Mar 6
Deadline to Apply
BOLD Cohort 3 - Applications Now being Accepted
Board Orientation + Leadership Development Applications for BOLD #3 is now open. This training is for anyone who desires to learn how to be a better board member. 6 sessions with topics like legal responsibilities, fund development, outcome measurements, the nonprofit landscape, board roles and more! If you are interested in learning more about board service in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, this is the program for you!  Click Here for More Information & to Register
Mar 17
Nonprofit Legal Bootcamp: Strategies for Compliance
A strong foundation is critical to the success of your 501(c)(3) organization. Join Probono Partners of Greater Cincinnati for this seminar as we provide you with real-world guidance to common governance issues for nonprofits. Each participant will receive a checklist to self-audit their organization’s practices during the presentation. This is a “can’t miss” seminar for nonprofit leaders and board members.  Click Here for More Information & to Register
Apr 16
19th Annual Nonprofit Leadership Summit
The dynamic of donor relationships are experiencing a revolution unlike any seen before. Donor Relations is at the center of fundraising relationships. Lynne Wester will walk you through the four pillars of donor relations, outlining what you could have, should have and MUST have in each area to ensure your program is superior and effective.  Click Here for More Information & to Register
Apr 21-23
The Leadership Challenge®
The Leadership Challenge® is an intense and interactive three-day program held at Camp Joy that helps you tap into your personal leadership skills through a variety of activities. And each of you needs to serve as leaders as you work toward your shared vision.  Click Here for More Information & to Register
Welcome to New Members

Katie MacDonald, Executive Director
Nonprofit Offerings
Understanding and Preparing Nonprofit Financial Information Workshop | Feb 25th 9am-10:30am
This session will provide guidance to nonprofit leaders who want to understand and prepare compelling financial information through the following topics:
  • Overview of financial statements and terms
  • Guidance in creating financial data that is accurate, complete and timely
  • Review of best practices and pitfalls in developing grant submissions
This workshop is co-sponsored by Impact 100 and Ducks in a Row with the goal of helping to uplift local nonprofits, particularly smaller ones. It is open to any nonprofit leader/staff member in the community. Free parking is available. Click Here for More Information & to Register
Job Opportunities
Check out all the job postings on our FREE job board. HERE

This is a free service to all our LC members.
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