June 2021
Preparing for the Summer Heat
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Beat the heat this summer! Keeping your home comfortable and lawn green can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be -- we are here to help! Plan now by implementing easy water and energy conservation measures to use water more efficiently, stay cool, and save! Upgrade to a smart thermostat or replace your lawn with California-friendly landscaping, get a rebate, and keep saving money all summer long.

Extreme heat can bring about health risks, so be sure to practice these helpful tips, such as staying hydrated and ventilating your home, to stay safe and cool while also conserving energy. Wildfires resulting in prolonged outages and other safety risks can also arise from extreme heat, so be prepared! Take some time with your loved ones to plan for an emergency and make a kit.

LA100 Virtual Community Meetings Now Available Online!
If you missed the virtual community meetings last month, LA100 meeting recordings are now available online. Learn more about the LA100 results, which
highlight the importance of customer participation in programs like energy efficiency, electric vehicles and solar in order to achieve our goals and meet L.A.'s clean energy targets. Take a deeper dive with topic-specific meetings that provide greater detail on specific research areas including future customer electricity use, renewable energy supply options and the anticipated environmental benefits from a 100% renewable power system.
Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities on Earth and its diversity must be cherished and protected. That includes preventing and responding to hate crimes and hate incidents. The City of Los Angeles is standing together against hate. You can report hate crimes or hate incidents by calling 211 or 311. You can report anonymously and in a number of languages.
Honoring the Late Tom LaBonge by Renaming Two Historical Landmarks
Our Board of Commissioners approved the renaming of two historically significant facilities to honor the late 4th District Councilmember and longtime LADWP supporter, Tom LaBonge. The Los Angeles Aqueduct Centennial Garden and Headworks Water Complex will be renamed The Tom LaBonge Aqueduct Centennial Gardens and the Tom LaBonge Headworks Water Complex, respectively. Known affectionately as “Mr. Los Angeles,” LaBonge championed various critical water system projects, recognizing the significant role water plays in our city.
At the dedication ceremony for the new Centennial Garden at the Mulholland Fountain in 2013.
Essential Work Continues
We're committed to protecting water quality daily to ensure that clean, safe drinking water is delivered to your homes and businesses. In 2020, we performed more than 112,000 tests on water samples taken throughout our vast system and are proud to report that all federal and state drinking water standards were met.
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Partnering with Neighborhood Councils
We're the only department in the City of Los Angeles with a formal Memorandum of Understanding with Neighborhood Councils committing to regular and ongoing communication about our programs and policies. The DWP-NC MOU Oversight and Advocacy Committees meet every first Saturday of the month at 8:30 a.m. Meetings are broadcast via webcast. Join us!
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