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In un anno particolarmente difficile anche per il settore Study Abroad italiano, Eduitalia accoglie con gratitutine e incoraggiamento la presentazione della Vice-Ministra degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, Marina Sereni che introdurrà la Guida Eduitalia- Study in Italy 2021.

Di seguito rimettiamo alla Vostra attenzione i significativi estratti della presentazione:
“ It is my pleasure to introduce the “Study in Italy 2021” Eduitalia Guide. Since 2007, the Guide has represented an important instrument to promote the Italian academic system abroad. With its network of universities, institutions and schools, Eduitalia plays a crucial role in the promotion of Italy’s higher education overseas.”
"The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation considers culture as a fundamental element of its foreign policy strategy. There is a “strong demand” for Italian culture in the world, and the Italian diplomatic network, which includes Italian Cultural Institutes and Italian Schools, is fully engaged in an all-encompassing effort of promotion – conscious that to promote Italian language, as well as Italian higher education and overall Italian culture in its widest terms, means also promoting the Italian way of life."
"2020 has been a challenging year for our cultural and learning institutions, and particularly for the “Study Abroad” sector. Measures to contain the COVID pandemic are having a significant impact on international mobility of students and researchers. This represents a heavy burden on our academic system. However, the crisis also represents an opportunity that we cannot waste."
"During the pandemic, we have become more aware of the added value represented by international students’ presence in the Italian educational institutions. Cross-cultural exchanges and student mobility are crucial for local economic environment as well as for the cultural growth of our Country, and this message becomes even more compelling as we strive to recover from this crisis.
Moreover, making Italy’s learning model known all over the world represents a vital component of our cultural diplomacy. Eduitalia is a crucial partner for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in our common effort to attract talented students from all over the world. I trust that Eduitalia will continue ensuring a significant contribution to this end, in cooperation and with the support of our diplomatic network.
I wish you and your students a very productive year.