Press Release
April 8, 2019

Contact: Benjamin Clapper
LARTL Opposes Ratification of 1972 ERA
The ERA of 1972: Pro-Abortion and Expired
NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana Right to Life is opposing any effort by the Louisiana Legislature to pass a resolution supporting or ratifying the Federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that was submitted to the states in 1972. Louisiana Right to Life opposes the resolution because of its abortion connection and its expired timeline.

HCR 2, which provides for ratification of the ERA, has been filed by Rep. Robby Carter (D-Amite).

Executive Director Benjamin Clapper said, "While we respect the worthy intentions of those legislators sponsoring and supporting the ERA, we must oppose the ratification of the 1972 ERA because it would cement the policy of abortion-on-demand in our nation."

To view a one-page overview of LARTL's opposition to the ERA, click here.

To view a multi-page memo provided by National Right to Life and Louisiana Right to Life, click here.