Thursday | January 21, 2021
First Event of 2021:
Virtual Economic Forecast - February 16
We're excited to host renowned featured speaker, Dr. Richard K. Green of USC's Price School of Public Policy for our Economic Forecast! Dr. Green shared his perspective with us in August 2020 and his return will serve as an informative follow up. Learn and ask questions about what will be hitting our housing market and other factors affecting development.
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Fee Updates
BIA/Developer Lancaster Fee Update Meeting
Monday, January 25
@ 9:30 AM
The City held its first meeting on their impact fees and re-structured program on January 20. An extra meeting has been added on Monday, January 25. Click here to view Monday's slides in preparation.
BIA City of Los Angeles Committee:
Comprehensive Fee Update
Wednesday, January 27
@ 4 PM
This year’s first LA City Committee meeting will center around guest speakers from the City, Kevin Keller and Lisa Webber, to discuss the comprehensive fee update. You can view the documents here: Fee Report to PLUM and the Full Fee Report.
BIA-LAV County Committee Meeting: LA County Fee Update & Sustainability Plan Review
On Tuesday, BIA-LAV received an update from the Department of Regional Planning on the County’s 2021 Fee Update, they will be providing us updated documents to evaluate. The presentation was followed by the Chief Sustainability Office's presentation on the County’s Sustainability Plan and Near-Term Priorities. We also discussed the Housing Element, Art Fee Ordinance and the State’s Office of Planning & Research Wildfire Advisory
General Plan Updates
Culver City
Wednesday, January 27
@ 3 PM
According to the City, at the workshop, you will learn about the General Plan and its guiding principles, existing conditions, community input, and different land use strategies and models, to be studied over the next few months. Your input at the workshop will inform the preparation of the GPU’s land use alternatives. RSVP to attend.
Thursday, February 4
@ 5 PM
Palmdale's e-blast invites stakeholders to an online presentation with city staff and the project team. You will be able to review details of the preferred land use alternative, ask questions and provide comments on the live platform. To join the virtual meeting, use the login information at and access the meeting link.
Board Member Spotlight
This week had our fist board meeting of the year featuring a stormwater permit update by Dr. Mark Grey, and a State legislative and regulatory report by the California Building Industry Association. The meting was packed with regional initiatives, project support strategies, and committee updates. To learn more about BIA-LAV's policy priorities please click here. Thank you to our incredible 2021 Board!
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2021 Events & Committee Schedule
Stormwater Permit Webinar
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