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Kit of the Month: Color Block & Swirl Necklace with Boro Glass Focal Bead
Kit of the Month: Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with Fancy Focal
Always a favorite! Teardrop Focal Beaded Necklace Kit
Kumihimo Artist of the Month
Christmas Tree Braiding Pattern
New Charms, Buttons, Focals!
Back in Stock ! Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon and Gimp
CNCH's 65th Annual Fiber Arts Conference
Happy Thanksgiving - FREE SHIPPING
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Happy November!
Hello Braiders,

Wow!  It's already November ! Time flies. I've  already  baked three Pumpkin Pies this season and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. I keep telling myself it's a good way to make sure I am getting my fair share of vegetables!
Things in my workshop have been hoppin' and  I ha ve lots of new kits for you. I am hoping to fill your creative hands with projects galore that can be enjoyed as we move from fall into the busy holiday season. Also, a new batch of hand dyed Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon and Gimp just arrived so all of those gorgeous colors are re-stocked!
I am excited to announce that registration for the CNCH 2017 Fiber Arts Conference,"Sapphire Sea, Golden Threads", starts November 12 at 9am. I am thrilled that I have been asked to teach a 3-day Kumihimo Workshop. More details below. 

Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I add new kits throughout the month and since I don't want to inundate you with emails, I put some of  these new mid-month kits on my "social" pages. 
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As always, thank you everyone for your continued enthusiasm and support. I hear from more and more of you all the time and you always bring a smile to my face.  

Last but not least, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25. 

Okay, let's get started. I have alot to share with you this month!

Happy Braiding,

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Kumihimo Color Block & Swirl Necklace
with Boro Glass Focal

Here's another cha nce. For those of you  that missed out on the last two Color Block and Swirl Necklace Kits, I have a few more. I can't decide which is my favorite. Yeah, I have all three!
The Autumn colors are spectacular. Think falling leaves, pumpkin pies, guests coming for Thanksgiving! The Bronze color way is made up of Toho Metallic Iris Brown, Metallic Dk Bronze and Matte Black. The Sparklin' Red necklace combines Toho Honeycomb, with Jonquil Hyacinth and BD Yellow. I used Toho Semi-Glazed Soft Blue & Turquoise with Nebula on the SeaFoam Necklace. Take a look at the bigger pictures on my website and you will see the richness and sparkle in each of these necklaces. You will need: Kumihimo Disk, 9 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure, Needle & Thread and Glue (I use WeldBond).  You should know: Kongoh Gumi (also known as the Round Braid) and How to drop beads ( See Kumihimo Tip #14 if you need a refresher ).

  Kit includes:
- 1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord
- 8/0 Toho / Miyuki Seed Beads (3 colors)
- 1 Boro Glass Focal Bead
- 2 Accent Beads
- 1 Set Acrylic Magnetic Glue-in End Caps
- Instructions with Photos

Cost: $38

Another Kit of the Month - Kumihimo Beaded Necklace & Fancy Focal
Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with Fancy Focal

Holiday Necklace with Fancy Focal
For those of you that want to get started on your holiday projects, this is a real dazzling Holiday Sparkler. Made up of 8/0 & 6/0 Toho seed beads in Galvanized Silver, S/L Frosted Gray and Black, this one is stunning. It is a full beaded necklace and the design utilizes the "starting in the middle" technique and the necklace is finished with acrylic glue-in end caps. Enjoy!
You will need:   Kumihimo Disk (I use the BeadSmith THICK Mini), 9 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure, Needle  & Thread and Glue (I use  WeldBond ). 

You should know : Kongoh Gumi (also kn own as the Round Braid) and How to drop Beads (see Kumihimo Tip #14 if you need a refresher). 

Kit includes:
- 1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord
- 3 colors Toho/Miyuki Seed Beads
- Fancy Focal Bead
- Acrylic Magnetic End Cap
- Instructions & Photos 

Teardrop Focal Bead Necklace
This is always a favorite!
I have had so many requests to bring this back and finally, when I got an email from a woman in New Zealand, the worldwide pressure got to me. Here it is. The braided portions on either side are
C-Lon Tex 400 with a 4" focal area in the center consisting of Toho/Miyuki Seed Beads and Boro Glass Teardrop beads. I wear the necklace about 16" to 17" but you can make it longer if you like. You have a whole spool of thread so you can simply cut your cords longer to start! Easy! You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I use  the BeadSmith Mini ($3.00), 8 Bobbins (I used small plastic EZ Bobbins), Scissors, Tape Measure, Needle & Thread or Zapper and Glue (I use WeldBond). 
You should know: Kongoh Gumi Braid (also known as the Round Braid) and How to Drop Beads. If you need a refresher check out  Kumihimo Tip #14 .

Kit includes:
- 1 Spool of C-Lon Tex 400- 24
- Boro Glass Teardrops 
- 3 colors of Toho/Miyuki 8/0 & 6/0 Seed Beads
- All-in-One Magnetic End Cap
-Wide Eye Needle
- Instructions with Photos 

Linda Delich - Morton, Illinois

I was delighted when I received Linda's email and I thought I would share her creations with you.

"My husband and I live in Morton, Illinois (the pumpkin capital of the world), or at least that's what those of us who live in Morton say.  I am "mostly"
retired. I am a retired teacher, but have been working
at a seasonal Pumpkin park in the gift shop and helping people choose their pumpkins, mums, etc. for decorating.  

While looking at your Christmas bracelets I thought they would look great as a wreath ornament. My first attempt wasn't round like a wreath so I use d the wire idea from the candy canes.  I used one end to wrap it t ogether and one end I made into a wrapped loop for the ornament hanger. I used magatama beads and size 8 seed beads. It was the round braid like your  Clunky Funky & Fun Christmas bracelets ". 

I also made 35-40 Candy Cane Ornaments a few years ago.  I brought them in a basket to the nursing home my mom was in and let her gift them to the staff.  I added an end cap and Christmas charm to each". 

I love what Linda has done. It gives me great pleasure when I see my customers combine things they have learned in different kits to come up with new ideas. For instance, Linda combined the wire core technique front the Candy Cane Kits and combined that with the Clunky, Funky & Fun Bracelet Kit and she created her beautiful Holiday Wreath Ornament. Fantastic. 

Christmas Tree Braiding Pattern for 16-Strand Kongoh Gumi
Here's something fun to try - a 16 strand round braid (Kongoh Gumi) that looks like  Christmas trees! 
Incorporate this pattern into necklaces, bracelets, candy canes, wreaths, napkin rings or whatever you can dream up. 
How to: Decide what you want to make and determine the finished length. Cut your cords a little more than 2X the desired length. Set your cords up on your disk, like the diagram, and start braiding with the round braid (Kongoh Gumi) sequence ("left bottom up, right top down" or visa versa)! Enjoy!

Here are some fun new items to add to your Kumihimo creations.

The Curved Ornate Focal Tube is another focal option for multiple cords. 

I love the new Square/Pyramid Button. Wouldn't that look great on a bracelet with & button loop closure? 

The Flower and Whimsey charms are sweet too.

All measurements, hole sizes
and finishes are listed on

I love the Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon and the Kumihimo Rayon Gimp. If you haven't tried these two braiding fibers yet, treat yourself. They make beautiful braids. I have lots of stock in all the colors and just in time for your holiday creating! 

CNCH's 65th Annual Conference - Kumihimo and more!
I am beyond "tickled" to be one of the teachers at CNCH 2017 "Sapphire Sea, Golden Threads" fiber arts conference to be held at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California,  May 4 - 7, 2017.  This is an absolutely beautiful setting for a conference. I taught at CNCH several years ago and the conference was spot on perfect from start to finish. 

I will be teaching a 3-day Kumihimo Workshop "Japanese Braiding, Beading & Beyond" with 12 to 15 braiders for all three
CNCH 2017 - Asilomar - Pacific Grove, CA
days. This is my opportunity to share with you as much as I can about Kumihimo. The class is geared for Beginners to Intermediates and I promise there will be something for everyone. I have designed the class to be taught in blocks and in each block we will complete a finished project. I will cover a variety of topics including "all-fiber" braids, braids with some beads and all-beaded braids. I will have samples galore for you to peruse!  The class is for disk braiders however I plan to bring a few Marudai braiding stands for show-n-tell and student practice! For those that are interested, I will take the mystery out of braiding on a Marudai and show you how easy it is to set up the Marudai, braid with fiber and also with beads. The materials fee includes everything; disks, bobbins, braiding cord, bead cord, beads, end caps, etc. This class will be action-packed, inspirational and most of all FUN! Questions about my workshop? Send me an email at karen@whataknit.com.

You are wondering why I am telling you about this right now? Conference registration opens November 12, 2016 at 9 am. 
Click here to get more information and register!   

P.S. This could make a great  Christmas  gift for yourself or someone else!
What a Braid wants to say thanks.
For the month of November, SHIPPING IS FREE
on all orders over $25.

Free Shipping is limited
to the US only. 

Happy Thanksgiving.  

Copyrighted patterns are not to be copied, shared electronically, given to friends or members of the guild or used for teaching purposes without express consent of the author. What a Knit and What a Braid patterns are for your personal use. Feel free to sell your creations but remember to give proper credit to the Designer. If you decide you want to write a tutorial, it is not appropriate to "borrow" parts of a copyrighted pattern. Plagiarism is punishable. Copyrighted patterns are not to be used to teach classes. Thank you.

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