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Rodrick Owen Braiding Workshop
Kit of the Month #1: "5-Cluster Bauble Beaded Necklace"
Kit of the Month #2: "Ribbon & Shimmering Tubular Yarn Necklace with Enameled Metal Pendant"
Kit of the Month #3: "Designer Candy Canes"
New Colors! Hammered Oval Bracelet Kit
Braids 2016 Conference
New Braiding Book by Rodrick Owen & Terry Flynn
Holiday Kumihimo Kits
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Hello Braiders,
Wow! I blink and it's already a new month. The seasons are changing and it's snowing in our mountains!

Thank you for your patience while I was away for 2 weeks in October. My husband and I spent a beautiful week in Sun Valley, Idaho riding our mountain bikes!

We returned home, I washed my clot hes and re packed, this time with my Marudai, a nd headed 5 hours nort h to Fort Bragg for the annual Rodrick  Owen 5-Day Braiding Workshop. This is a very special time with many talented and fun people. 
Rodrick Owen and Linda Turner

I have 3 NEW KITS OF THE MONTH! Kit of the Month #1 is called "Kumihimo
5-Cluster Bauble Beaded Necklace". Kit of the Month #2 is the "Kumihimo Ribbon & Shimmering Tubular Yarn Necklace with Enameled Metal Pendant and Kit of the Month #3 are the Designer Candy Canes. 

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hank you to all of you! 

Happy Braiding,

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Rodrick Owen Braiding Workshop, Fort Bragg, CA
The Rodrick Owen Braiding Workshop in Fort Bragg was outstanding. For five glorious days we braided from sun up to sun down in Jackie Wollenberg's cozy and eclectic Hen House studio. And some evenings we braided into the night! Our days were punctuated by Rodrick's  valuable  braiding lessons and tips, show-n-tell, learning from each other and sharing a love for braids. Imagine a huge work table loaded with layers of gorgeous braids. Texture, color, complexity, simplicity and all beautiful. It 
is especially fun and rewarding to be in a room where everyone shares the same passion. Every time I look at Rodrick's collection of braids, I see something new and  inspiring. 
Top to Bottom and Left to Right: Teryl, Barbara, Connie, Valerie, Anita, Gin, Michael, Richard, Linda C, Joan, Jackie and Linda T (me, not pictured)!
We did all sorts of braiding in Fort Bragg including Takadai, Karakumidai, Kakudai, Marudai, Core Braiding Stand and Loop Braiding - wow! I braided on the Takadai and I loved it so much that I now have a beautifully handcrafted Takadai in my workshop! Oh the pleasures of learning something new. 
November Kit of the Month #1 - "5-Cluster Bauble Beaded Necklace" 
I had alot of fun making this kit and playing with the colors and design. I made the first sample and my mom loved it so much I never even brought it home with me! This is one of those very versatile necklaces that can be dressed up for a nice holiday event or it can be dressed down for a more casual look. The special thing about this necklace is the  nesting  of the seed beads around the Bauble Beads. Take a look at the "close-up" photo (bottom) and you will see what I mean. While this is an easy kit, it probably isn't a beginner kit. I would say that the braider should have had a little bit of practice with dropping beads before diving into this project. The overall beaded design is color-blocked with hints of contrast color or "spot". There are five clusters with the one in the center slightly larger (more Baubles) than those on the sides. Also notice the very nice Acrylic Glue-in Magnetic End Caps (I plan to start carrying these soon in the 8mm size and they come inlets of wonderful colors). They are a super compliment to the necklace. And the magnets are super strong! You'll like these. The finished length is around 18" to 19" (depending on braider).  You will need:  Kumihimo Disk (I really suggest the  BeadSmith THICK Mini  ($3.75) - the thickness of the disk will help manage the tension of the finer BeadCord and heavier Baubles), 8 Bobbins (I used small plastic EZ Bobbins), 45 grams counterweight (I used a Hexnut and mini clamp from Home depot), Scissors, Tape Measure, Needle & Thread or Zapper, Flat Nose Pliers-optional and Glue (I use  WeldBond ). You should know: Kongoh Gumi Braid (also known as the Round Braid) and How to Drop Beads. If you need a refresher check out  Kumihimo Tip #14 .

Kit includes:
- 1 Spool of C-Lon BeadCord
- 3 colors of Toho/Miyuki 8/0 Seed Beads
- Bauble Beads
- Acrylic Glue-In Magnetic End Cap
-Wide Eye Needle
- Instructions with Photos 

November Kit of the Month #2 - "Ribbon & Shimmering Tubular Yarn Necklace with Enameled Metal Pendant"

The Handcrafted Enameled Metal Pendant with the Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon & Shimmering Tubular Yarn is a stunning combination. This necklace is delicate, beautiful and simple to make. You will learn how to start your braid with a Lark's Head Knot, practice theKongoh Gumi Braid (Round Braid) and finish the ends with Super Sleek Magnetic End Caps. The necklace is 40% Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon (scrumptious) and the other 20% is a  novelty Shimmering Tubular Yarn. You can match the varigated color repeats in the KRR to achieve greater definition of color or you may simply cut the KRR to length and you'll have a blended look. Both methods are fun! I have written the pattern for a necklace 23" to 24", however, I like this necklace shorter and I wear it just below my collar bone. You will need: Kumihimo Disk, 8 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure, Needle & Thread and Glue (I use  WeldBond).  You should know: Kongoh Gumi (also known as the Round Braid).

Kit includes:
- Enameled Metal Pendant with Coordinating Bale
- Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon
- Shimmering Tubular Yarn
- Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap
- Instructions with Photos

Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap

Cost: $32

November Kit of the Month #3 - "Designer Candy Canes"

These Kumihimo Designer" Candy Canes are made up of a combination of a wider Novelty Ribbon combined with Petite Satin Cord. The Ribbon adds richness and texture the Petite Satin adds the spark that gives the Candy Cane "pop". The Satin Cords tails are embellished with 6/0 seed beads.  You will learn how to braid around a core (wire stem) and you'll also learn a great technique for wrapping the end of a braid. There are three different Kongoh-gumi patterns. The Candy Cane "stick" is 9" long and the Candy Cane stands about 6 1/2" tall with the bend. 
You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I recommend using a disk that has been used a bit with slots that are more flexible to fit the wider ribbon), 8 bobbins, tape measure, scissors.  
You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid also known as the Kongoh Gumi.

Kit includes:

- 3 colors of Novelty Ribbon (4 yards each color)
- 3 colors of Petite Satin Cord (4 yards each color)
- Three 9" wire stems
- 1 pkg 6/0 Seed beads
- Yarn for Lark's Head Knot
- Instructions with Photos

Cost: $16.50 (makes 3 Designer Candy Canes) 
Hammered Oval Accent Bracelet - 3 New Colors
T he Hammered Oval Accent Bracelet Kit has proven to be a real favorite and I have added new colors to "spice" things up and give you some new choices. This is really simple to make and a fun project for all levels of braiders. You will need: Kumihimo Disk, 8 bobbins, scissors, tape measure, needle & thread and glue (I like WeldBond). You should know: Kongoh Gumi (also known as Round Braid).

Kit includes:
- 1 Skein Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon 
- 10 yards Petite Satin Cord
- Oval Accent
- 2 sliders
- All-in-one Magnetic Clasp 
Cost: $24

Braids 2016 - Conference in Tacoma, Washington - July 2016
I hope that those of you that are planning to attend the Braids 2016 Conference in Tacoma, Washington in July 2016 were able to get the classes you wanted when on-line registration for members opened November 1 . 

This is a great opportunity to take some exciting classes.  Click this link if you are interested in learning more.  I'm going!!

Andean Sling Braids: New Designs for Textile Artists

Rodrick Owen & Terry Newhouse Flynn

Available May 2016

"Learn to make the decorative braids used in the sling-making traditions of Peru and Bolivia; this detailed guide, including 400 step-by-step photos, teaches the technique and over 100 designs for weavers, craftspeople, jewelry designers, basket weavers, and others interested in using braids for embellishment. In-depth detailed instructions are given, along with clear diagrams; recommended braiding yarns for slings and kumihimo; detailed set-up, making, and finishing instructions; and many fascinating contemporary applications. This book introduces a new piece of equipment, the core frame, and gives instructions for making it from wood and dowels. When the core frame is used with a braiding stand and bobbins, a wide variety of core-carrying braids become accessible to kumihimo braiders. Most of the braids, from 4 to 40 strands, can be made on a braiding card and 50 patterns can be made on the stand without a frame."

Hard cover, full color, 224 pages, $39.99.


It's not too late - Holiday Kits!
T I T H E S E A S O N! 

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If you get frustrated,
take a break and come back to your braiding later.
Fresh eyes are a good thing!
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I feel strongly about this as I have recently
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I don't appreciate the infringement! Please be respectful. 

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