Monthly Newsletter - Issue 93                                                            May   2018

Happy Mother's day!
May Kit of the Month - Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with Hand-painted Porcelain Pendant
64-Slot Foam Disk Only $2.95
WHAT A BRAID Instant Download Tutorials
New! Kumihimo Rayon Filament (KRF)
More! Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon (KRR)
More ! Kumihimo Rayon Gimp (KRG)
Zip it Up Bracelet Kits & Super DUO Beads
Travel Notice
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Hello Braiders,  

Greetings! I hope all of you are enjoying May flowers from April showers. We are still a bit in the mud as April brought us a fair amount of snow. I, personally, have had enough of Winter. Rain, snow or shine it is time to decorate my yard with yard "art". 

The May Kit of the Month is the Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with a Hand-painted Porcelain Pendant. It comes in three great colorways. My mom keeps hinting at the Matte Berry ! 

I will be out of town for a week in May. Details below. Keep this in mind for those of you that like to order kits and supplies for classes.  

Hugs and Happy Braiding,


Happy Mother's Day!!
To all mothers, Happy Mother's Day.  I am the luckiest daughter on earth.
I have a mom that shows me loving kindness everyday. Recently, I was having a long day taking care of all sorts of things. Before driving the hour ahead of me to get home, I called my mom. Next thing I knew, I was at her house. She and my dad were snuggled in watching a TV show and she popped right up and made me a great little dinner before sending me on my way. Her loving kindness really touched me. The little things are often as big as the big things!

Thanks MOM!

Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with Hand-painted Porcelain Pendant

The May Kit of the Month is the Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with a Handpainted 
Porcelain Pendant and the Adjustable Closure.
 This necklace kit is truly quick and easy. The beads are quick to load and if you have a Bead Spinner the bead loading process is very fast!  The beaded design is an overall pattern with one Main Color and 3 Accent colors. The Porcelain Pendant measures
1 3/4" x 1".   The adjustable closure, which I have been using for several years in alot of my kits, allows you to wear the necklace as short as you like or as long as 26" or so (depending on braider). This is a great feature when you are selling jewelry and don't know how long to make a piece.
You will need:
You should know: Kongoh Gumi or Round Braid 
Kit Includes:
  • 1 Spool C-Lon BeadCord
  • 4 colors 8/o Toho and/or Miyuki Seed Beads 
  • 1 Hand-painted Porcelain Pendant
  • Wide Eye Needle
  • Barrel Bead for Adjustable Closure
  • Instructions
Cost $42 (3 color ways)

64-Slot Foam Disk    -   TRY IT OUT    -    Spring Special
Many of you are curious about the 64-slot Foam Disk. 

Was $4.50   Now $2.95

I am making it easy for you to try something new. For a limited time, I am offering the 64-slot foam disk for $2.95 (I usually sell it for $4.50 and I have seen some shops sell it for as much as $5.25). This is steal!

Treat yourself to something new. The 64-slot disk allows you to braid with more strands and this can be fun.   

Order now while supplies last for this promotion.
What a Braid Instant Download Tutorials
I have added a few more Instant Download Tutorials to my What a Braid website. Revisiting some of these designs is like a walk down memory lane. Some of my braiding techniques have changed since the original writing so I am making revisions. The Instant Download Tutorials have in-depth instructions, pictures, materials lists and much more. These tutorials download instantly, to you, after your purchase is complete. 

The Instant Download Tutorials are a great opportunity to learn some new skills while using up some of your own stash. Keep in mind, the specified materials are necessary for the success of each design. 

8 1/2" x 11" Format

New Tutorials:  
1.  Kumihimo Staggered Spiral Bracelet Tutorial 8 pages
2.  Kumihimo Teardrop Edge Bead  Necklace Tutorial 7 pages
3.  Painting with Beads "Mixed Pattern" Tutorial 7 pages
4.  Kumihimo Beaded Bauble &Leaf Necklace Tutorial 6 pages
New !  Hand-dyed Kumihimo Rayon Filament (KRF)
I am so excited about this new braiding fiber, Kumihimo Rayon Filament. It is spectacular and brilliant. When I opened the package my heart started fluttering. I am thrilled to share it with you!

Kumihimo Rayon Filament or "KRF"
 is a brilliant, silky, lustrous and exquisite fiber to use for braiding.  Each skein is made of nine individual strands meticulously twisted together. The strands can be untwisted and used in any multiples you like. I like using all 
9 strands together which is similar in weight to a #5 Perle cotton. The color palette is "delicious". Each skein is beautifully hand dyed. Did I mention that I like this fiber? I love color and this stuff is fabulous.

I have played with the Kumihimo Rayon Filament a little (not enough hours in a day) and have found that it braids nicely on the Marudai as well as the Disk. Each skein is approximately 28 meters long  (that's almost 30 yards) and weighs 17 grams/skein. It is simply magical as the braid grows and the variegated colors take on their own character. 

To give you some idea of how the KRF braids up, a 16 strand Kongoh Gumi (all elements KRF) fit into a 6.2 mm Acrylic Magnetic Clasp. 

It comes 28 meters/skein.  Yes, I said 28 meters (that's almost 30 yards)!

Cost $11.00

More!  Hand-dyed Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon (KRR)
Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon or "KRR" 
is a 5mm wide hand dyed knitted rayon ribbo n that creates a silky, shimmering braid. An 8 strand round braid yields a finished braid about 4mm in diameter (can vary between colors and braiders). Because of the collapsible structure of the fiber, with the help of a wide eye needle, it is easy to thread most Japanese 6/0 seed beads and Magatamas onto the KRR. So many possibilities, so many colors and so much fun! Each skein is 5 grams and 10 meters. It is fantastic and when you see it you'll love it. "KRR" is awesome by itself but can be combined beautifully with other fibers. You might mix it with the Gimp (many colors are color matched) and the "KRR" is also great combined with Petite Satin. Experiment and have fun. 

It comes  10 meters/ skein. Cost $6 

More!  Hand-dyed Kumihimo Rayon Gimp (KRG)
Kumihimo Rayon Gimp or "KRG" is a super fun fiber to use for braiding. Each hand dyed skein is unique and no two skeins are alike. They are dyed to blend beautifully. The Kumihimo Rayon Gimp, which  comes from Europe, is a round medium weight fiber consisting of a cotton core carefully wrapped with a fine rayon sheath. When braided, KRG possesses a beautiful luster. I have played with the Kumihimo Rayon Gimp quite a bit and have found that it braids nicely on the Marudai as well as the Disk. Cords braided on the Marudai tend to finish thinner in diameter and the braids crafted on the disk tend to finish a little thicker. Each skein is approximately 10 meters long and weighs around 7 grams. It is fun to take two different skeins of KRG and combine a couple of colors in one braid. The KRG is fairly durable but I do handle it with a little bit more care than, say, the satin cord. I love this fiber. One skein will make an  8 strand round braid approximately 22" - 24" long on the disk and even longer on the Marudai. It is also great combined with Petite Satin Cord. Have fun!

It comes 10 meters / skein. Cost $8

Zip it Up Bracelet Kits
I have had a number of you asking for the Zip it Up Bracelet Kit so I brought it back in a handful of colors. All bracelets have the Punched Tin Magnetic Clasp (photos right).

I also have a great selection of the Czech Super Duo beads at a fantastic price and great colors. If you haven't tried them out, now might be the time. Some of these great colors are shown below but for a full view click on this link to see more Czech Super Duo beads

Priced as low as $1.35 / 13 grams (depending on color)  That's a great price!

Travel Notice

I will be away teaching a Kumihimo Workshop in Fort Bragg this month. Please get your orders in by May 14th if you want your order shipped before I leave. If I don't hear from you before I leave, orders will be put on hold and will be mailed out on May 21st (after I return). I have ordered lots of disks and bobbins in anticipation of the classes many of you teach in the Spring! 

Get your orders in before I leave. Thank you!  
Deadline to get orders in: May 14th 
May Free Shipping Month


Happy Mother's Day! May is a Free Shipping Month on orders over $25 (USA only). Thanks so much!
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