Monthly Newsletter - Issue 90                                                            February  2018

February Kit of the Month - Kumihimo Beaded Baubles & Pips Necklace Kit.
Naiki Gum Round Braid with FRILLY
Edge Bead Necklace Kit with KRG
Teaching/Vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Karen's Spring Kumihimo Workshop in Fort Bragg, May 17, 18 & 19 2018
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Hello Braiders, 
Happy February. Happy Valentines Day! I hope all of you have a wonderfully sweet day!

The February Kit of the Month is the K umihimo Beaded Baubles & Pips Necklace Kit.  This one is very easy to make
and it's quick too. I have created it in 4 colorways. 

Check out my calendar for 1. Classes  and 2. When What a Braid will be on Teaching/Vacation break. I'm headed to San Miguel de Allende! Oh happy dance!

Thank you to all of you for your continued support. You are keeping me very busy and I am grateful.  I wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs and Happy Braiding,

P.S. Can you believe this my 90th Newsletter? That means I have created at least 90 Kits of the Month!!! Holy cow. 

NEW! Kumihimo Beaded Baubles & Pips Necklace Kit

The February Kit of the Month is the Kumihimo Beaded Baubles & Pips Necklace Kit. I had alot of fun making these samples. I tried to create colorways that are versatile and work for different people, i.e., a little Southwest, a little bit of the Blues, a touch of Purple and a feel for Summer. The Red necklace makes me think of a summer picnic. I have used the adjustable closure which make this necklace very versatile. I planned this necklace with three different areas of design. First, there are the "fiber only" lengths of braid. The colors of the C-Lon Bead Cord were picked to enhance the colors of the beads. Next, there are the sections of all 8/0 seed beads and in the middle there is the Baubles & Pips focal detail. Within the Baubles & Pips section, I have use my nested bead technique which allows the seed beads to fill all the spaces around the larger Baubles. You'll have to try it to see what I mean! The necklace can be worn as short as you like and up to 28" long.
You will need:
You should know:
  • Kongoh Gumi or Round Braid
     and How to drop beads (See Kumihimo Tip #14 for a reminder;
Kit Includes:
  • 2 Colors Pre-Cut C-Lon BeadCord
  • Bauble Beads (2 Colors)
  • 8/0 Seed Beads (3 Colors)
  • Pip Beads (1 Color)
  • Barrel bead for Adjustable Closure
  • Instructions
Naiki Gumi 20-Strand "Round" Bracelet  - Frilly 
Last month ALOT of you had a fun time with the Naiki Gumi 20-Strand Bracelet (in Petite Satin Cord). I offer the Naiki Gumi 20-strand Bracelet in a "Round" version as well as a "Flat" version. The braid structure is the same for both bracelets however, the "Round" version has a core in the middle. This is just another fun technique to learn and put in your Kumihimo toolbox.

You will learn: The Kit contains the instructions to learn the Naiki Gumi Braid Structure and also contains the pattern to make the bracelet and braid with a core. Probably not the best kit for a beginner. 

You will need: Kumihimo Disk,  20 Small Bobbins,  Scissors,  Tape Measure,  Needle & Thread or Fray Block to finish ends,  Glue to attach End caps (I use WeldBond).

Kit includes:
- 1 Skein Frilly
- 1 10mm Round magnetic Clasp
- Core Material
- Instructions with Photos

Edge Bead Necklace with Kumihimo Rayon Gimp Kit
Many of you are starting to branch out and experiment with novelty fibers. If you haven't tried Kumihimo Rayon Gimp (KRG) you really should give it a try. 

Each hand dyed skein is unique and no two skeins are alike but they are dyed to blend beautifully. The Kumihimo Rayon Gimp, which  comes from Europe, is a round medium weight fiber consisting of a cotton core carefully wrapped with a fine rayon sheath . When braided, KRG possesses a beautiful luster.

When I braid with KRG on a Foam Disk, I choose one that has been well-loved and used (i.e., the slots are a little less tight). 
You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid or Kongoh Gumi.
You will need: Foam Disk, 8 bobbins, scissors, tape measure, needle & thread or Fray Block (to 
finish ends), Glue for attaching end caps (I use Weld Bond). 

Kits Includes: 
1 Skein Kumihimo Rayon Gimp
1 6mm Super Sleek Magnetic Closure
1 pkg 6/0 Seed Beads
Instructions with Photos 

If you already know how to make an Edge Bead Necklace, the all you need to do is buy the items needed to make the necklace. Get ! skein of KRG, 1 pkg 6/0 seed beads and 1 6mm Magnetic Clasp. Choose any colors you want. What fun! 

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Kumihimo Retreat 
What a Braid Will Be Away:  
February 17th through March 9th
(no orders will be shipped during this  time)

As many of you know, each year the Knitting Basket & What a Braid take a group of fun-loving, adventurous people to various parts of the world for arts & crafts, Knitting, Kumihimo, site-seeing and dining! 

Later this month we have a group headed to San Miguel de Allende as well as Mexico City. In addition to Knitting and Kumihimo Classes we have a plethora of awesome things planned. 

This year I am going a week early and I am bringing my husband to SMA for some fun before the group arrives. He'll leave a few days after the group settles in. (I can do more shopping when he's not there)!! Hee, hee. Just kidding.

This means I will be out of town and What a Braid will not be shipping any orders during this time. You are welcome, and encouraged, to place orders while I am away. When I return, orders are filled "on a first in, first out basis". 
Spring Kumihimo Workshop in Fort Bragg, CA
I will be teaching a 3-day Kumihimo Workshop in Fort Bragg, CA. This is a lovely town on  the Northern California coastline. The workshop will be held at the Henhouse Studio.

We will be braiding 3 projects in three days. I will be sharing both fiber and beading techniques. We will braid on both the Foam Disk as well as the Marudai. 

The first project is a 16-strand Split Braid Necklace and we will attach a Donut Pendant with an 8-strand integrated loop. This is a fabulous technique that can be used in many ways. (Foam Disk)

The second project is a 24-strand Continuous Design Braid with Color Changes throughout the length of the braid. The fun part is learning how to change colors seamlessly! You will make a bracelet in this class. (Foam Disk)
The third class is an adventure into beading. We will braid on both the Foam Disk and the Marudai (if you have one). I will take the mystery out of planning a beaded project, show you how easy it is to set up your Disk or Marudai, how simple it is to use a bead spinner and how to braid a beaded braid. We will make a beaded bracelet i n this class. (Foam Disk, Marudai or both)

- The dates are May 17th, 18th and 19th 2018.  
- Cost $280 
- Materials for all projects will be provided with a minimal fee

My style of teaching is very hands-on. I share lots and lots of samples and I encourage creative thinking. I love teaching and I work hard at encouraging you to be your best creative and confident self.  Braiders should have some Kumihimo experience. 

If you are interested, contact Pacific Textile Arts. Class size limited.

To enroll send a $50 non-refundable deposit with contact info and class request to: 
Pacific Textile Arts
450 Alger Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Happy Valentine's Day

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