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Comfort Zone
April Kit of the Month - Kumihimo Magatama Edge Bead Duo Necklace
Isn't a Magatama a Magatama?
New! 4mm Magatama Drop Beads
New! 6mm TRANSPARENT Top Drilled Bauble Beads
Fabulous Pendants
Shimmer Tubular Yarn
Porcelain Pony & Cheerio Beads are BACK IN STOCK!
Best Place to Get Petite Satin Cord is at What a Braid
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Hello Braiders,  

Thank you for your overwhelming response to last months newsletter. Your lovely notes, photos and orders are so validating. I really appreciate all of you. A heartfelt thank you! 

You may have heard on the news that we had a "Miracle March" in the California mountains. Winter took her time getting here but she sure packed a good punch in March. Squaw Valley, our local ski resort, boasted a total of 18 feet of snow in March alone!

The April Kit of the Month is the Kumihimo Magatama"Edge Bead-Duo" Necklace - a new take on an old favorite. It is available in 4 colors! The colors range from "Tribal" to "Soft for Spring" to "Sassy". A little something for everyone. 

A few items that are back in stock include the Porcelain Cheerio & Pony Beads as well as the Fray Block. Sorry they disappeared so quickly. Inventory is a moving target. One day there is plenty and then the next day everyone seems to want to order the same thing at the same time. Keeps me busy! 

P.S. The Frilly Novelty Braiding Fiber was a big hit. I am thrilled when I see you trying new things!

Hugs and Happy Braiding,

Leaving the Comfort Zone Behind....
For my birthday, my husband surprised me with a Motorcycle. The nervous feeling in my stomach is a sure indicator that I am not in my comfort zone.  

"The comfort zone is a useful psychological concept that can help you embrace risk and make changes in your life that can lead to real personal growth".

Last Sunday morning, even though the mail does not go out, I insisted on packing orders all morning. When I ran out 
of excuses we loaded up the bikes and off we went for my first motorcycle lesson! I was very, very quiet. I was very, very nervous.
And, I DID IT!

We rode almost 30 miles into the beautiful mountains. I could shift, go fast, go slow, stop (import ant), start again on a hill. I got the whole clutch, gas & brake thing. In the end I even passed a slow vehicle and waved to other riders in that "cool" way you do on a motorcycle. I took a leap of faith, right out of my comfort zone, and the experience was amazing.

Now, I am not saying that everyone needs to run out and get a motorcycle but I will suggest, that maybe leaving one's comfort zone and trying something new is good. 

Maybe step out and try a new braid! 
NEW! Kumihimo Magatama Edge Bead "Duo" Necklace Kit
The April Kit of the Month is the Kumihimo Magatama Edge Bead "Duo" Necklace. This  new necklace is like the Edge Bead Duo Necklace in Petite Satin but the new one has a beaded body! This necklace is comprised of 8/o seed beads and 4mm Magatama beads (not to be confused with long magatamas).  In this kit you will learn two awesome kumihimo techniques; 1) All -Beaded Duo (both sides) Edge Bead pattern and 2) the Adjustable Closure.  The adjustable closure, which I have been using for several years in alot of my kits, allows you to wear the necklace as short as you would like or as long as 28" or so (depending on braider). This is a great feature when you are selling jewelry and don't know how long to make a piece.
You will need:
You should know:
  • Kongoh Gumi or Round Braid 
  • How to drop beads (See Kumihimo Tip #14 for  a reminder;
Kit Includes:
  • 2 Colors Pre-Cut C-Lon BeadCord
  • 2 - 4 colors 8/o Toho and or Miyuki Seed Beads (depending on color way)
  • 1 color 4mm Magatama Beads (the water drop shaped magatamas)
  • Wide Eye Needle
  • Barrel Bead for Adjustable Closure
  • Instructions
Cost $$28 to $30 (4 color ways)

Isn't a Magatama a Magatama?
The 4mm x 7mm "Long" Magatama bead is the magatama that most people are familiar with. The "other" magatama is fun to play with too. Read the descriptions below. Bonus! The 4mm magatamas are easier to string because they are "non-directional".
4mm x 7mm "Long" Magatama Beads:
Most pe ople are familiar with the 4 x 7  Miyuki Magatama Beads (also referred to as long magatam as).  Miyuki long magatama beads are cut at a slight angle from back to front. The hole is near t he top of the bead, and the angled cut gives them a leaf-like shape which is beautiful in kumihimo, bead weaving and bead-embroidery to name a handful. Long magatamas measure 4mm x 7mm with a hole size of 1mm. Count is approximately 8 beads per gram . Thread easily onto C-Lon Tex 400, C-Lon Bead Cord, Gimp, Shimmer and Peti te Satin Cord.


4mm Magatama Beads:
4mm Miyuki Magatama Beads are similar to drop beads because of their water droplet shape. They aren't as rounded as drops and have an earthy natural feel as well as a slightly flatter area at the top of the bead. Larger than the 3.4mm drops, they are perfectly-imperfect looking and are great for fringe or adding texture to a design. They measure 4mm x 4mm with a hole size of 1mm. Count is approximately 12 beads per gram.  Thread easily onto C-Lon Tex 400, C-Lon Bead Cord, Gimp, Shimmer and Petite Satin Cord.

NEW! 4mm Magatama Beads 
I am loving these 4mm Magatama Beads. The soft shape is fun to work with and they are a breeze to string! 

They are packaged 13 grams to a bag which is approximately 156 beads to a packet. Click here and give them a try!

Cost: $2.25 to $4.25 (13 grams)

Transparent 6mm Top Drilled Bauble Beads
Beautiful colors for your Spring creations!  Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Lush Meadow, Riverside, Airy Blue, Aurora Red, Potter's Clay, Bodacious, Warm Taupe and Dusty Cedar.  25 Bauble Beads per string / $2.50

Create Your Own Necklace with these Glazed Metal Pendants
Use your imagination and create a beautiful necklace and embellish it with one of these   fabulous Glazed Enamel Metal Pendants. They are delicate and fun. All measurements are provided and each pendant comes with an attached bail. The bail has a 10mm ID and works well with multiple all-fiber braids or a beaded braided made with 8/o seed beads. Use your imagination. 
Fiber possibilities include Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon combined with Petite Satin Cord, or KRR combined with Shimmer Tubular.  The sky is the limit. A beaded necklace made with 8/p seed beads would be lovely too!

Photo: Necklace is made up of two 8-strand Kongoh Gumi Braids. The fibers used in combination are KRR and Petite Satin.

Think along the lines of 12 yards of fiber per beaded rope for an average length necklace. Experiment and have fun.

Cost:  Pendants (including attached bail) : $8 to $10    

Click here for Glazed Metal Pendants

Shimmer Tubular Yarn
Shimmer is a Cotton/Rayon tubular yarn with a little metallic thread that adds sparkle. It is perfect for Kumihimo. An 8 strand braid in the Shimmer tubular yarn braids up similar to an 8 strand braid made up of Petite Satin. This is also a great yarn to use as an accent with the Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon, the Kumihimo Rayon Gimp and the Petite Satin Cord. The sky is the limit.  8 colors, 10 yards, $4/skein
MORE! Porcelain  Pony and Cheerio Beads are Back in Stock Again.
Holy Cow! The word got out that these beads were restocked and they disappeared immediately. I now have more and plenty. Order away! T hese bright colored porcelain beads are really nice when you want to accessorize your braids. 

Diameter: 11mm
Hole: 6mm
Height: 7mm

Porcelain Cheerio Beads

Diameter: 11mm
Hole: 6mm
Height: 4.5mm

Petite Satin Cord in 28 Beautiful Colors
Just RE-STOCKED again. What a Braid is your best source for highest quality USA made Petite Satin Cord. 

10 yards for $3.00  (that's a great price)

Load up now! 
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