Monthly Newsletter - Issue 78                                                              January  2017

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Kumihimo Beaded Color-Block Brights Necklace with Multi-Bead Focal
Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with Black & Gray Focal
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Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! 
Gr e etings! 

Happy New Year one and all.
Sorry my newsletter is a little late this month but we have been inundated with the Multiple-Monster 
storms attacking California. As a result, this newsl etter will be briefer than usual. I am needed at the other end of the shovel!

My house is perched at about 7,ooo feet elevation in the Sierra Nevada mountains and we are buried in snow. The first storm brought about 4 feet of snow, then we had horrendous rain and now we are back in a heavy snow pattern (another 5 to 10 feet). We get up, we put on Gore-Tex and we head outside and snow blow and shovel. We come inside, dry off and then start again. Electricity? Intermittent!

My dear hubby deserves a round of applause. Everyday he has diligently taken my packages to the Post Office. Finally, we are completely snowed in and no packages will be mailed. Expect delays.

Here is one of my new kits this month. Some of you may have seen the sneak peek on Facebook and Pinterest.   As always, lots of fu n. It's called Kumihimo Beaded  Color-Block Brights Necklace with the Multi-Bead Focal & Adjustable Closure. Oh so beautiful. Each pendant is unique- a true one-of-a-kind. 

As always, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Welcome to all of my new subscribers!

Happy Braiding,

Kumihimo Beaded Color-Block Brights Necklace
with Multi-Bead Focal & Adjustable  Closure
This design is another kit in my "Painting with Beads" collection. The necklace is designed with 18 "sections" of color-blocking with 8/0 Toho/Miyuki seed beads and a contrasting multi-colored dotted spiral. Each Multi-Bead Pendant is a unique assortment of handmade glass bead treasures that I have collected at various shows. I love bright colors and this is probably one of the cheeriest necklaces in my What a Braid Collection. I even kept one for myself. The adjustable closure is nice because it gives you flexibility -you can wear it longer or shorter if you like! Quantities limited. 
When ordering this necklace, select the unique pendant that you want. The beaded rope is the same for all pendant necklaces. Please note,  do not order the pendant that says "SAMPLE ONLY" in the drop down. You must order an individual pendant! 

You will need:
- Kumihimo Disk (I use the  Beadsmith THICK Mini and it's great)
- 8 Bobbins (I use the  Small EZ Bobbins)
- Scissors
- Tape Measure
You should know:
- Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh Gumi)
- How to drop beads (see  Kumihimo Tip #14 if you need a refresher). It's easy.
- This kit requires meticulous bead loading and braiding.  
Kit includes:
- 1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord (77 yards - you will have extra)
- Assembled Multi Bead Focal with Bail
- 8/0 Toho / Miyuki Seed Beads (7 colors)
- Barrel Bead for Adjustable Closure
- Wide Eye Needle
- Instructions with Photos
Cost $43 - $46

Kumihimo Beaded Necklace with Black & Gray Focal
For those of you that like a more sophisticated look or just like wearing easy colors, this is the necklace for you. The Kumihimo beaded rope is composed of 8/0 Toho / Miyuki seed beads and the necklace kit comes with the adjustable closure. I used two colors of C-Lon to add yet another element to the overall design. The finished length of the beaded portion is about 17" depending on the braider.  The tails on either end are 6". This necklace can be worn as short as 17" or as long as 29"(give or take). 

You will Need: Kumihimo Disk (I recommend the  THICK Mini), 8 Bobbins, Measuring Tape and Scissors, Glue (I like WeldBond; available at Ace Hardware stores and some Michaels and other locations depending where you live)! 

You Should Know: Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh Gumi) and how to "drop" beads. If you aren't sure how to "drop" beads, it's very easy and you can check out  Kumihimo Tip #14.  While the instructions are written for a disk, they are easily adaptable to the Marudai.

Kit includes:
- 8/0 Toho/Miyuki Seed Beads (Black & White for necklace)
- Focal Pendant and Bail (assembled)
- Pre-Cut C-Lon Bead Cord (2 colors, Red & Black)
- Barrel Bead for Adjustable Closure
- Wide Eye Beading Needle 
- Instructions with Photos

Cost $46.00

Kumihimo Artist of the Month
Ina Harlock
Smythes Creek, Victoria

One of the rewards of being a business owner is the wonderful people that I connect with. It truly makes my day when I open my email and kind notes and pictures of your creations. 

Ina's Kumihimo Baskets really intrigued me. Her braids are 16 strands of Perle Cotton and then coiled into the shape of a basket. I just love this.
Here's  what Ina has to say about her journey with Kumihimo!

"I was shown basic formation of Kumihimo approximately 15 years ago and from there I have basically self taught sourcing patterns from Google and Jacqui Carey books and of course your (What a Braid) newsletters.
I enjoy challenging myself and trying new ideas and ways to incorporate Kumihimo with other crafts that I do i.e. baskets,cords for handbags braids to enhance bags especially flat braids.

I find Kumihimo very relaxing and a help to keep my joints working as I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis".   Thank you Ina.

Think of the possibilities!

If any of you have something you would like to share, please send me an

Happy New Year!

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