of the Internet

"First they came for the Alex Jones, and I did not speak out — Because I was not Alex Jones."

In the wee hours of Monday morning, in what may go down as the Kristallnacht of the Internet, Alex Jones and InfoWars were de-platformed in a coordinated sweep by Tech Giants YouTube, Facebook, Apple iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher. Various channels with well over 5 million subscriptions, several billions of views and untold petabytes of content have been deleted like so much spam.

Alex Jones has been doing the same thing every day for well over a decade but suddenly, the major tech monopolies all decided that he violates their "community guidelines." If this isn't collusion, what is? As Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, "This isn't enforcement of terms of services, it's election meddling."

Facebook says, "We believe in giving people a voice, but we also want everyone using Facebook to feel safe." Can anyone really say they feel safer when a massive online presence like InfoWars is brutally torpedoed for no clear reason?

I feel like the world just became less safe. Book burnings are never a good sign, Folks. Like him or hate him, there is nobody else who has worked more diligently and successfully to expose the Globalist tyranny that is strangling our planet than Alex Jones. The actions of Big Tech are like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Irish YouTuber Dave Cullen here asks, "Still don't think we should regulate these companies like public utilities?" The conventional right-libertarian view on unfettered free enterprise doesn't provide any recourse. But can we really call these Tech Giants "Private Corporations", when they were incubated using tax dollars from DARPA and In-Q-Tel and have continuously received cash injections from other spook entities like GeoINT and they feed all of their data into NSA's servers in Bluffdale, Utah?

What the Tech Giants have become is beyond the wettest dream of the Soviet Union. In a world where data is the new money, they have more power than Goldman-Sachs – yet, people who call themselves Liberals are cheering the demise of InfoWars.

Radically partisan Twitter did not join in this mass deletion, likely because the US Government has said it's about to start an investigation into its shadow banning of Republican members of Congress. And therein lies the possible silver lining in all of this because, with the outrageous decimation of Alex Jones, the Tech Giants may have precipitated upon themselves a vigorous regulation of their industry that they have long evaded and which hopefully, may better protect the rights of their users and make online publishing stronger by allowing advertising to be reality-based (again). #AARBA! 😆

I'm sorry if I keep talking about politics but it's hard to get away from it when you're an online publisher during an election year! Hey, I ran Sasquatch yesterday – I tried! 🐵 😊

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