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Slaying Ahriman

We would like to thank the readers of Our Spirit who have joined the American Intelligence Media project by volunteering their services. From sending us relevant articles, helping us develop podcasts, and disseminating the site and its contents around the world, we are grappling with evil and taking down the beast.  

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Dear Friends, 

This month we have been very busy building bridges of perception that will hopefully help citizens around the world leave the thought-control plantation that the CIA and global shadow governments have built through their spy networks that reach into Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube, not to mention emails and phone calls. We hope that our many articles at the American Intelligence Media  will awaken the naive and motivate the courageous to join our efforts in freeing the minds of everyone we can. 

Just because you aren't receiving the Our Spirit magazine on a weekly basis doesn't mean we aren't extremely busy doing what we can to expose ahrimanic tentacles that wish to crush human evolution and ascension. Our articles continue to reveal the underbelly of the beast in a way that only neoanthroposophists can do. Perhaps this explains why we had 200,000 views on the site's first full month of operation!  

We are also thankful for the Our Spirit readers who have volunteered their time and services to the mission of exposing Ahriman. Anthropop volunteers are helping us proofread our work for typos, reading the daily news at the American Intelligence Media radio , offering their expertise to have recorded conversations with Douglas about contemporary geopolitical matters, sending us relevant news items that resonate with the day's news headlines, and posting material on their Facebook pages. Please drop us a line and let us know how you can help. 

We hope you will enjoy this month's special offerings -- another thought-provoking conversation with Douglas Reed and a lecture entitled Lucifer's Grail.  

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

Anthroposophy Today Radio

There is an underpinning cosmology behind mythology, religion and spiritual philosophy that can orient the aspirant to the three streams of past, present, and future. Cosmology provides meaning and purpose to life and can develop the confidence and faith one needs to traverse the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds. Rudolf Steiner reminds us that American's have the mission to develop a new cosmology that transforms the technological evils of mechanical occultism into soul and spiritual qualities that transcend time and space, thus alleviating fear, doubt and hatred while unveiling the true nature of the human being - a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Lucifer's Grail


God and His hosts could hear the ringing of hammers in the caverns afar and they knew that their long-lost brother Lucifer, once the greatest bearer of light, had turned to the dark and came no longer before the Throne of God. They heard the rumors of the 'Wonder of the Stones' and the 'Glorious Crown of Light' and the 'Power of Lucifer's Minions.' It came as no surprise when God called Michael, who bears the face of Christ upon his countenance, before his Throne and gave him the Sword of Heaven. It was forged with the Might of God and wielded divine authority. This blade of shining meteoric-iron gave off blinding light and fiery heat that none could withstand. Michael knelt to receive the sword as it sprang from the blinding Throne of God. All the hosts of angels bowed before it and were amazed by its power.
Lucifer and his hosts arose to challenge the Sword of Michael and the Throne of God. Lucifer's minions came rushing out with their weapons of war ready to strike down the hosts of heaven. The evil minions swarmed towards the Throne of God through dark crooks and crevices, from under rocks and stones, rushing out from caves and tunnels. Lucifer, raised on a great throne surrounded by dark lords filled with the foul stench of pride and greed, went before them.
This was the beginning of the war in heaven that has continued to this very day. 
The Gospel of Sophia Series
Volume 1
The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity
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A Modern Path of Initiation

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Sophia Christos Initiation