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Fox in the Henhouse: How keeping the former owner can cost you
That's how we've always done it: Vague expense reports

This edition of VantagePoints kicks off 2016 with two articles, both of which stress the importance of a proactive stance: in hiring at the executive level, and in securing your intellectual property.
One article highlights the erroneous assumption that a candidate for an executive position was above the need for a background inquiry. The other emphasizes the need to implement adequate security measures to prevent theft of patented proprietary data. Oversights in these areas often lead to costly investigation and litigation costs.
The professionals of ResultQuest® have the expertise to equip you with Knowledge for Informed Decisions® regarding executive job candidates and the protection of proprietary assets.
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Happy 2016!

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Pound Foolish: Why you Shouldn't Skimp on Background Probes
For several years, a Houston corporate client had used ResultQuest® to conduct extensive pre-employment background investigations of job candidates.  However, they opted not to perform a background regarding an individual who was hired as general counsel then eventually nominated to the board of directors.

Within a few years, several large billings for legal services approved by the subject were called into question. Our investigation ultimately revealed that these billings were from a bogus law firm that had been invented by the general counsel.  When confronted, the subject disappeared and remained a fugitive for more than six months while the full extent of the fraud was untangled.  It was ultimately discovered that the employer had been defrauded of several million dollars.  

The former employee was eventually convicted, and fortunately a substantial portion of the assets bought with the ill-gotten proceeds was identified and ultimately recovered.  However, the investigation also produced
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Evil Bedfellows: When the Experts Go To the Dark Side
A Texas labor law firm employed ResultQuest® to investigate a group of highly trusted and compensated experts in their specialized technical field. After suddenly severing their employment with a trading firm, a resultant IT audit revealed that one member of the group stayed on just long enough to copy and abscond with the firm's proprietary trading code-code that had been pioneered and patented by the founder of the trading firm.
Sadly, the firm's safeguards against unauthorized duplication proved inadequate, enabling the former employees to establish a competing company using the firm's unique code. Our investigation ultimately uncovered the full network of participants in the illicit company and subsequent litigation led to its shutdown and a substantial civil judgment, but not before... Read More