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Measure Twice: The benefit of proactive surveillance planning
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With this edition of VantagePoints we present two articles related to surveillance. One deals with the problem of prejudging an injury claim as fraudulent. An investigator who enters into a surveillance with preconceived notions can have clouded judgment that leads to embarrassing, or even disastrous, results.    
The other submission discusses how the proper preparatory work might preclude the need for surveillance in the first place. Taking the time to arm oneself with background information about the intended surveillance target can make for a more efficient and effective operation.
At ResultQuest®, we approach every case with an unbiased outlook, and constantly work to efficiently and effectively provide our client with Knowledge for Informed Decisions®.
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Look Before You Leap: How prejudgment can impact the investigation
Every investigator begins a case with the goal of reaching an outcome that supports the client's objective. However, preconceived judgments can skew the investigator's outlook, can impact yours or your client's credibility, and may create irreparable damage.
Several years ago, ResultQuest® was called upon to evaluate the work conducted by another investigations company that had conducted surveillance in a worker's compensation case in which the subject claimed to have suffered a debilitating workplace injury -leaving the worker severely limited in his activities, and preventing him from driving or walking without aid.
A representative of the other investigation company had stated in an initial meeting with the client law firm, "These guys always lie-we'll get him." The company's investigators then proceeded to spend over 100 hours following a male, presumed and boldly reported to be the subject, and documenting his activities in and around the subject's small hometown in East Texas. This individual was targeted after the investigator witnessed him driving a car owned by the subject, and often parked at his residence.
Aside from assessing the results of the other investigators, our directive from the attorneys was to establish the veracity of the subject's injury claim. Upon initial appraisal ...Read More 

Easy Does It: Pick off the low hanging fruit first
The client knows what results are desired, but not necessarily the proper steps to achieve them.
In one case worked by ResultQuest® investigators, a surveillance of an individual residing in a small community southwest of Houston was requested. The goal was to determine if the subject was disabled from a car accident, as he claimed to be. However, our client, general counsel for an insurer, resisted our recommendation to first conduct research of public records of the pertinent county, which were not available via electronic means.
After several unproductive hours observing the subject's reported place of residence, one of our investigators was dispatched to the local courthouse and discovered a recently filed civil suit. The suit reported that the subject was employed as a coach and teacher at a specific school in adjacent Galveston County, where he also listed a previously unknown home address.
After acquiring certified copies of the relevant civil case pleadings, the surveillance team redeployed to the school, where the subject's vehicle was spotted and monitored. Over the course of the next several days, the subject was... Read More