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With this introductory publication of VantagePoints we are pleased to announce that, after twenty-seven years, Skaggs & Associates, Inc. has become ResultQuest, Inc.  What has not changed is our dedication to excellence in investigations.

The goal of this e-newsletter is to provide you knowledge for informed decisions so you can achieve a superior position. We do this with a team of professionals sharing more than 100 years of combined investigative experience.

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We take special care to ensure that VantagePoints provides information that is both current and relevant.  In this edition, we introduce our newly branded firm and provide pointers on how to avoid exposure in selecting an investigations company.

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Founder, Owner, and Manager

Skaggs & Associates Changes Their Name to ResultQuest®
Last year our firm, formerly known as Skaggs & Associates, Inc., began working to implement a new brand that reflects our distinct character and philosophy. This new branding culminated in our most dramatic change, thus far-our name. Our new name, ResultQuest®, reflects our steadfast dedication to a diligent pursuit of information that benefits our clients. As we developed the vision for our new brand, a new motto was also adopted, "Achieve a Superior Position." To us, the name and motto signify our core principle of helping our clients to prevail.
In the Spring of 2015, ResultQuest® relocated its offices to The Woodlands region of South Montgomery County, which is among the fastest growing areas in the nation. Additionally, the ResultQuest® website,, was launched earlier this year.
ResultQuest® is committed to an outcome that adds value to the client's case, carried out in a manner that reflects the highest level of integrity, reliability, and professionalism.
About our Founder, Owner, and Manager
Having worked his way through college, in part as an investigative apprentice, J.R. Skaggs was appointed by his previous employer, a former special agent of the FBI, to open and manage a San Antonio branch office of the business. He later caught the attention of a distinguished agency in Houston, comprised primarily of former federal agents specializing in corporate investigations and security-there he served as a lead investigator.

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Limiting Your Exposure in Selecting an Investigative Firm
You want success when you hire an investigative firm. However, more fundamentally, you want the work done with a high level of professionalism and a critical eye, with limited liability. To achieve this, you need to know the following:
Is the firm licensed and in good standing with all relevant state agencies? Furthermore, does the company have a history of complaints or enforcement actions? Ascertaining that the company and all investigators working on your case hold current licensure in the applicable jurisdiction is essential. Failure to demonstrate appropriate and untainted licensing can destroy your case. ResultQuest® is a licensed firm, in good standing, with no complaints or enforcement actions.
Many states require only a minimal amount of liability insurance for investigation companies. Does your investigations firm carry an adequate amount of coverage for the assigned task? Does it include protection for errors and omissions? Do not hesitate to request a copy of the certificate of insurance. It is better to know beforehand than to be surprised in the event of a legal claim by the party being investigated. ResultQuest® carries liability insurance that exceeds the minimum legal limits and includes errors and omissions.
Is your investigator capable of understanding and intelligently addressing the matter at hand? Complex tasks require astute comprehension and a level of experience necessary to clearly analyze the issue, and to formulate and execute an effective investigative strategy. Further, the strategy must be