October 2020
Know AT with the Help of MoAT (vol.26)
Immersive Reader
Immersive Reader is a free tool built into Office 365, that uses proven techniques to improve reading for people regardless of their age or ability. Immersive Reader
Improves comprehension with tools that read text out loud, break words it into syllables, and increase spacing between lines and letters. This built-in is a teaching aid that helps teachers support students with different abilities while encouraging independent reading.
It is simple to use and available to try for free.
Watch the above video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Immersive Reader, which is inclusively designed to help all people with reading challenges such as dyslexia. The Microsoft Immersive Reader is part of Word, OneNote, Teams, Flipgrid, Forms, Edge, Minecraft, Whiteboard and Office Lens.
Did You Know That They Have That at MoAT?
Scout with PVC and pipe insullation hanging from his fingertips.
Do it Yourself Workshop
Want a hands-on walk thru of how to make some AT devices? Want everything you need to be shipped to your door? Sign up for a virtual DIY AT Makers session with Scout Merry and we will cut and assemble 4 projects. In this session, we will make two iPad/tablet holders, a switch holder, and an iPad/tablet handle. MO AT will provide almost all the needed tools and parts. You supply a pencil, ruler, scissors, and the like. We will have a Zoom meeting to assemble and talk about variations to meet specific needs. Call Scout Merry at 816-655-6705 to register. Space for the first session is limited to 10 participants and session will be held the week of October 19th.
A smart showing text messages relaying information on Google Beta Test
Working with Google on Project Development and Beta Testing
We are excited to be working with Google on a new access method for smart devices. We are in forming a Beta test team to help us work through this product development.
Do you have challenges with input into smart technology? Are direct-selection and voice activation difficult means of input for you? Do you have limited mobility and muscle control that makes it extremely challenging to control a smart device? If you answered "yes" to these questions, call Laura at Mo-AT 816-655-6709 (lhoffman@mo-at.org) to find out more and to become part of the team and this exciting project. 
AT Boot Camp Image
Assistive Technology Training
November 2-6, 2020: “Assistive Technology Boot Camp: iPad Applications for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities”. This is a replay of our August Boot Camp that maxed out. Join us in November to learn about AAC, Literacy, and Cause/Effect apps for the iPad. To register, contact Laura Hoffman at lhoffman@mo-at.org. Registration is limited. Register today to guarantee your spot.
Take a Look at What's New in Assistive Technology
Last volume I introduced the Twiddler3 one handed keyboard. We immediately began receiving questions and requests.
This week I would like to share the Tipy. It is also a one-handed keyboard that can be used with either hand.
With the new key concept of the one handed keyboard and integrated mouse function, you can use all programs and tables, use keyboard shortcuts, type letters, texts and use all the advantages of your computer and a complete word processor.
Special Offers in AT  
Animega-is is the newest addition to the Tobii Dynavox collection of language learning software. This interactive app was created to stimulate the development of language and communication in learners beginning to explore written language. Available now for iPad, coming soon for Windows devices. Try the Lite Version for free!
What’s “App-ening”at MoAT?  
A Message from the Recycle/Reuse Program at MoAT
MoAT has taken a Transformer by Enhanced Vision out of inventory. This device magnifies printed materials and displays them on your computer screen.
Watch Scout's newest video to see what happens next.
October is AAC Month at Missouri Assistive Tech
Watch Scout's video to get a quick glimpse of some of the AAC devices that are available in the ETC Lending Library at Missouri Assistive Technology. To see all of the AAC devices that we offer visit the AAC Catalog page on our website.
So much information. So little time.
Do you know that
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