December 2020
Know AT
with the Help of MoAT (vol.31)
Happy Holidays from All of Us
Missouri Assistive Technology
Alternative Access: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes...
(or any other controlled muscle movement)


The images and underlined text in this Newsletter will take you to news articles, websites, and videos to help you to better understand the alternative means of access that are available to you at Mo-AT.
The image above is of Natasha Lambert, 23, the first person to sail across the Atlantic using just sip and puff technology to control her boat. (Click on the image to be directed to the article that describes the details of her adventure.)
The skipper, lives life to the fullest with quadriplegic athetoid cerebral palsy which affects her limbs and speech. She sailed the Nautitech Open 46, Blown Away. This vessel is the largest that has even been converted to use sip and puff technology.
Sip and Puff Technology is controlled through the user's ability to control the inhaling and exhaling of breath. In this story it is used to control a sailboat. We don't have sailboats in ETC but we can help you to learn how to control environmental control, wheelchairs, computers and other smart technology with this alternative means of input.
Did You Know That They Have That at MoAT?
"Running Your Mouth" to Make it Happen
"The Eyes Have It!"
"Use Your Head!"
Through Facial Recognition on an
iPad Pro with Built-in TrueDepth Camera
Through the Webcam on a Windows 10
Computer System
"Just Step on It!"
Scout holding up a foot moouse
Scout introduces tracking devices that may be activated by the user's feet.
Natalie using a Jouse+ to control the computer
Not Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
But Eyes, Head, and Mouth
Natalie has trialed many different means of input and alternative tracking through the ETC Lending Library. She has worked with single switches, head tracking, and eye-tracking among other options. Natalie has found input success through the use of the Jouse+.
Once a device was selected, Natalie's team then applied for financial assistance through the Assistive Technology Reimbursement. The ATR program is available to help districts to procure AT to help students to meet their IEP goals.

To apply:
  1. Print the ATR Application Checklist for 2020-21 for detailed instructions.
  2. Complete both the ATR Application and the ATR Itemized Pricelist according to the Checklist.
  3. Submit the ATR Application, the ATR Itemized Pricelist, the Present Level section of the IEP, and the Special Considerations section of the IEP to

If you are not certain how assistive technology can benefit your student, call our team. We are here to walk through the needs of the student and to help you to find functional and practical solutions.
Take a Look at What's New in Assistive Technology
The GrandPad offers an "alternative means of access" to the internet, to phone calls, and to smart technology for the elderly or anyone else who may need a little help staying connected. Click on Scout's picture to watch his introduction or click the link above for a detailed overview.
Take a Look at What's "Old" in Assistive Technology
But could be "NEW" to you!

​Missouri Assistive Technology is cleaning out our "Recycle Closet". Each week we will be offering devices free of charge. We would like to offer these devices to individuals who can use them knowing that they are older technology and no longer supported by the manufacturer. Please contact Scout via email to request these devices. They will be shipped to you free of charge and will not need to be returned.
Two styles of neckloop amplifiers for hearing aid users with a T coil setting. The Amplicom NL 100 will amplify cell phones or home phones and has integrated mic. (2.5 mm jack) The Geemarc iLoop will amplify music, games and other audio output but has no mic. (3.5 mm jack) 
Maestro Communication Device
The Maestro is a tablet-type augmentative communication device which comes with a 10.4 inch screen, and Windows 7 operating system. Digitized and synthesized speech includes AT&T Natural Voices, Acapela HQ child and adult voices and Microsoft English Voices. Maestro uses AlphaCore, DynaVox Series 5 Software with InterAACT page sets, Boardmarker with Speaking Dynamically Pro, and PCS and DynaSyms Symbols. 1 GB Flash drive, built in WiFi and Bluetooth capability. It weighs 3.44 lbs 
So much information. So little time.
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