Kitfinder has put more than 1,700 requests for kit in front of dealers since the site launched a month ago.
Requests total around £200,000 of business a week
(excluding wise-arses, i.e. the bloke who said he would pay £200,000 for a Thomas Wild 12-bore). Dealers have made offers on 20% of those requests.

Most popular request is for an Air Arms S510 PCP airgun for £1,200, which attracted six offers from dealers. 
Spotlight: rifles
It’s all about the .20 calibre rifles, with a deer-ready / fox-ready Tikka in .243 the most likely combination of brand and calibre requested. Kitfinder users requested £50,000 of rifles in the last week of the month, with average order value £1,488. Requests were for a range of rifles including Savage, Blaser, Browning and even and Enfield. 
Intriguingly, while every request for a rifle came with a price, not a single request for ammunition came with a price. It looks like the squeeze on ammo means purchasers are simply after availability.
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Spotlight: shotguns
Four makes dominate shotgun requests: Browning, Beretta, Yildiz and Benelli. Almost all of the requests are for 12-bores. Average order value for a shotgun is £1,992, almost twice the average order value of kit across Kitfinder

Spotlight: optics
Optics continues to dominate Kitfinder requests. It’s the largest segment on the site. The average order value of optics on Kitfinder is £1,537
Thanks for being amazing and making Kitfinder a success.

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