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Please check out the sections at the end of this message with information specifically for kitchen volunteers and delivery drivers.

It’s hard to believe it’s been only a week-and-a-half since the first person in New Mexico tested positive for COVID-19. It seems so much longer.

In an effort to keep you up-to-date on what we’re doing at Kitchen Angels, I will be sending out weekly updates. I apologize if some of you already have this information but I want to make sure everyone knows the same information.

Before I give you an update, though, I want to say thank you to our dedicated volunteers and staff who have shown amazing flexibility, adaptability and commitment to ensure our clients continue to receive their meals without interruption. Each of you is an inspiration.

The Mayor’s office has started weekly meetings with the County and local food relief programs to determine how we can best support each other and the community as we deal with the crisis and adapt to the changing directives from the New Mexico Department of Health and the Governor’s office. I’ll be participating in those meetings and will share what I learn.

Last week we temporarily closed KITCHENALITY, our resale store, and restricted access to our facility to staff and authorized volunteers only. We are requesting all other business be conducted by phone or email. Rest assured, we have contingency procedures in place if and when the pandemic escalates. 

We have refined our delivery process and are maintaining social distancing protocols. Our facility is being cleaned regularly and surfaces are sanitized frequently. Hand sanitizers are located throughout the building. Everyone is required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building and is expected to wash their hands frequently as they go about their tasks. 

We appreciate that many of our volunteers have self quarantined because of travel, illness or care-giving responsibilities. At this time, taking yourself out of the fray can be the most important contribution you can make to keeping the spread of the virus under control.
One person can make all the difference.
As we implement greater levels of safe practices and restrict the frequency of contacts with each other and especially our clients, we’re working to extend our partnerships with other local agencies that complement our services.

For those who feel the need to step back from volunteering in order to protect your health, particularly those in high-risk groups, just let us know. We understand.

Please continue to let us know when you are unable to volunteer for a shift for which you are scheduled. This is more important now than ever before! We’re scheduling no more than nine volunteers for each cooking shift. When one person is a no-show, it creates stress for the entire team. Likewise for delivery volunteers. If you can’t make a shift, we need to know as early as possible. Our delivery process is new and still evolving. Once the process begins each day, it’s all hands on deck, leaving barebones staff to respond to our many calls. 

Finally, please be aware that our call and email volume has increased exponentially, so much so that we now have an additional person just to answer calls. Keep your calls short and to the point. Time is of the essence.

Below you will find best practices offered by the Centers for Disease Control. Please review and practice all of them. Remember that proper hygiene prevents the spread of illness to our clients and each other. With care and responsibility, we will come through this stronger and, most importantly, together.  
Thank you for your vigilance. We want you to stay safe, healthy and informed.
For Kitchen Volunteers

If you have extra time and are willing, please email Lauren with a short message about your availability. Write the volunteer task you're willing to do and the word "AVAILABLE" in the subject line. You will then receive emails when we need to fill a shift.

Remember to self-screen:
  • Are you currently healthy and not experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms and have no elevated temperature?
  • Have you traveled domestically or internationally over the past two weeks by air, bus, train or automobile?
  • Have you been actively practicing social distancing for the past week?
  • Are you volunteering at another organization that deals directly with the homeless population?

Kitchen volunteers need to be at least 16 years old.

And please remember to arrive no more than ten minutes before or after the start of your shift.

For Delivery Volunteers

We're looking for delivery coordinators and runners. The ideal person will be detail oriented and energetic.

Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, all delivery volunteers will pick up meals at our back-of-building loading dock. Please pull around the left side of the building, drive through the SOUTH gate, and park your car parallel to the loading dock.

  • There will be two lines. Pull your car forward according to signage. One at a time, bring your thermal bag up to the sanitizing table on the loading dock. (If you sanitize your bag at home, this will speed up the process.)

  • Bring your sanitized bag to the distribution area just inside the open garage door. Follow the signage and keep six feet apart. Staff will bring your filled bags and hot meals to you.

  • After you load the bags into your car, exit out the NORTH Gate. The next two cars in line will then pull forward and the process will repeat.

  • If the SOUTH gate is closed when you arrive, use the code 2-0-4-6. The gate will close automatically. When leaving, use the NORTH gate. When you are inside the property, both gates open automatically when you drive up to them. You’ll need to get pretty close, however, before they open. 

  • For delivery to clients' homes, we are using the social distancing protocols recommended by the Department of Health: maintain six feet between you and the client; knock on their door or ring the doorbell; once you receive verbal confirmation from the client, leave the meal bag outside. If you want to say hello, maintain at least six feet of distance.

Please remember to follow proper hygiene and social distancing rules to protect yourself and others from the spread of germs.